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ASAB Web UI a library of webpack build scripts and React components built on top of reactstrap. It is inspired by the architecture of ASAB python project. It is designed primarily for web-based user interfaces for ASAB microservices but it can be used in different architectures as well.

Quick links

Unified Features

  • Admin UI template
  • Header
  • Sidebar
  • Alerts
  • Network activity indicator
  • Axios based REST API configuration

REST API design

TODO ...

[ASAB UI App] -- [ HTTP proxy (API_PATH) ] -- [ actual microservices ]

TODO: Example of webpackDevServer proxy config.

The default API_PATH is api, it means that it uses the HTTP location of the application itself.

Start a project

Add this repo as a submodule to your project.

$ git init .
$ git submodule add

Bootstrap your project with example files.

$ rsync -a --ignore-existing ./asab-webui/demo/* .

Install dependencies

$ yarn install


yarn start runs the application in development mode.

$ yarn start

Run with DEV configuration

$ yarn start -c conf/config.js

This option is suitable for developers, who want to provide specific configuration for the application (e.g. simulate list of tenants) and need to work on parts of the application without bundling it into static files for production via yarn build.

DEV configuration provides an option to simulate some part of the information usually obtained from the service, such as simulation of userinfo or any other configuration.

Important note: the configuration set in devConfig is NOT propagated to the production environment!

To find more about how to use devConfig and simulate userinfo, see doc folder in ASAB Web UI project:


Example of config.js


  • app provide url, service and other common configuration, which is similar to build config

  • devConfig provide configuration for devs, where e.g. userinfo can be simulated via MOCK_USERINFO. This is not a part of build config

  • webPackDevServer where webpack settings for dev server is provided. This is not a part of build config

module.exports = {
	app: {
		BASE_URL: 'http://localhost:3000',
		API_PATH: 'api',
			openidconnect: 'openidconnect',
			asab-config: 'asab-config',
			seacat-auth-webui: 'http://localhost:3000/auth'
	devConfig: {
			"email": "test@test.te",
			"phone": "0123456789",
			"username": "Test",
			"resources": ["test:testy:read"],
			"roles": ["default/Gringo"],
			"sub": "tst:123456789",
			"tenants": ["default"]
	webPackDevServer: {
		port: 3000,
		proxy: {
			'/api/asab-config': {
				target: "http://localhost:8080",
				pathRewrite: { '^/api/asab-config': ''}


yarn build bundles the application into static files for production.

$ yarn build

Build for production to a specific public url

$ yarn build -u

Build for production with configuration

$ yarn build -c conf/config.js

Example of config.js

module.exports = {
	app: {
		BASE_URL: '',
		API_PATH: 'api',
			openidconnect: 'openidconnect',
			asab-config: 'asab-config',
			seacat-auth-webui: ''