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package Test2::Util::Stash;
use strict;
use warnings;
our $VERSION = '0.000139';
use Carp qw/croak/;
use B;
our @EXPORT_OK = qw{
slot_to_sig sig_to_slot
use base 'Exporter';
my %SIGMAP = (
'&' => 'CODE',
'$' => 'SCALAR',
'%' => 'HASH',
'@' => 'ARRAY',
my %SLOTMAP = reverse %SIGMAP;
sub slot_to_sig { $SLOTMAP{$_[0]} || croak "unsupported slot: '$_[0]'" }
sub sig_to_slot { $SIGMAP{$_[0]} || croak "unsupported sigil: $_[0]" }
sub get_stash {
my $package = shift || caller;
no strict 'refs';
return \%{"${package}\::"};
sub get_glob {
my $sym = _parse_symbol(scalar(caller), @_);
no strict 'refs';
no warnings 'once';
return \*{"$sym->{package}\::$sym->{name}"};
sub parse_symbol { _parse_symbol(scalar(caller), @_) }
sub _parse_symbol {
my ($caller, $symbol, $package) = @_;
if (ref($symbol)) {
my $pkg = $symbol->{package};
croak "Symbol package ($pkg) and package argument ($package) do not match"
if $pkg && $package && $pkg ne $package;
$symbol->{package} ||= $caller;
return $symbol;
utf8::downgrade($symbol) if $] == 5.010000; # prevent crash on 5.10.0
my ($sig, $pkg, $name) = ($symbol =~ m/^(\W?)(.*::)?([^:]+)$/)
or croak "Invalid symbol: '$symbol'";
# Normalize package, '::' becomes 'main', 'Foo::' becomes 'Foo'
$pkg = $pkg
? $pkg eq '::'
? 'main'
: substr($pkg, 0, -2)
: undef;
croak "Symbol package ($pkg) and package argument ($package) do not match"
if $pkg && $package && $pkg ne $package;
$sig ||= '&';
my $type = $SIGMAP{$sig} || croak "unsupported sigil: '$sig'";
my $real_package = $package || $pkg || $caller;
return {
name => $name,
sigil => $sig,
type => $type,
symbol => "${sig}${real_package}::${name}",
package => $real_package,
sub get_symbol {
my $sym = _parse_symbol(scalar(caller), @_);
my $name = $sym->{name};
my $type = $sym->{type};
my $package = $sym->{package};
my $symbol = $sym->{symbol};
my $stash = get_stash($package);
return undef unless exists $stash->{$name};
my $glob = get_glob($sym);
return *{$glob}{$type} if $type ne 'SCALAR' && defined(*{$glob}{$type});
if ($] < 5.010) {
return undef unless defined(*{$glob}{$type});
local ($@, $!);
local $SIG{__WARN__} = sub { 1 };
return *{$glob}{$type} if eval "package $package; my \$y = $symbol; 1";
return undef unless defined *{$glob}{$type};
return *{$glob}{$type} if defined ${*{$glob}{$type}};
return undef;
my $sv = B::svref_2object($glob)->SV;
return *{$glob}{$type} if $sv->isa('B::SV');
return undef unless $sv->isa('B::SPECIAL');
return *{$glob}{$type} if $B::specialsv_name[$$sv] ne 'Nullsv';
return undef;
sub purge_symbol {
my $sym = _parse_symbol(scalar(caller), @_);
local *GLOBCLONE = *{get_glob($sym)};
delete get_stash($sym->{package})->{$sym->{name}};
my $new_glob = get_glob($sym);
next if $type eq $sym->{type};
my $ref = get_symbol({type => $type, name => 'GLOBCLONE', sigil => $SLOTMAP{$type}}, __PACKAGE__);
next unless $ref;
*$new_glob = $ref;
return *GLOBCLONE{$sym->{type}};
=encoding UTF-8
=head1 NAME
Test2::Util::Stash - Utilities for manipulating stashes and globs.
This is a collection of utilities for manipulating and inspecting package
stashes and globs.
=head1 EXPORTS
=over 4
=item $stash = get_stash($package)
Gets the package stash. This is the same as C<$stash = \%Package::Name::>.
=item $sym_spec = parse_symbol($symbol)
=item $sym_spec = parse_symbol($symbol, $package)
Parse a symbol name, and return a hashref with info about the symbol.
C<$symbol> can be a simple name, or a fully qualified symbol name. The sigil is
optional, and C<&> is assumed if none is provided. If C<$symbol> is fully qualified,
and C<$package> is also provided, then the package of the symbol must match the
Returns a structure like this:
return {
name => 'BAZ',
sigil => '$',
type => 'SCALAR',
symbol => '&Foo::Bar::BAZ',
package => 'Foo::Bar',
=item $glob_ref = get_glob($symbol)
=item $glob_ref = get_glob($symbol, $package)
Get a glob ref. Arguments are the same as for C<parse_symbol>.
=item $ref = get_symbol($symbol)
=item $ref = get_symbol($symbol, $package)
Get a reference to the symbol. Arguments are the same as for C<parse_symbol>.
=item $ref = purge_symbol($symbol)
=item $ref = purge_symbol($symbol, $package)
Completely remove the symbol from the package symbol table. Arguments are the
same as for C<parse_symbol>. A reference to the removed symbol is returned.
=item $sig = slot_to_sig($slot)
Convert a slot (like 'SCALAR') to a sigil (like '$').
=item $slot = sig_to_slot($sig)
Convert a sigil (like '$') to a slot (like 'SCALAR').
=head1 SOURCE
The source code repository for Test2-Suite can be found at
=over 4
=item Chad Granum E<lt>exodist@cpan.orgE<gt>
=head1 AUTHORS
=over 4
=item Chad Granum E<lt>exodist@cpan.orgE<gt>
Copyright 2018 Chad Granum E<lt>exodist@cpan.orgE<gt>.
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.
See F<>
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