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Test use_ok() with imports better.
Add BAIL_OUT() (little known Test::Harness feature that basically
declares that the universe has turned out all wrong and the test
will now stop what it's doing and just go back to bed.)
Add a way to ask "Are we passing so far?". Probably a
Test::Builder method.
eval_ok(). A replacement for this sort of thing. My main concern
is that it not screw up caller().
my $result = eval { some_stuff };
is($@, '', 'didn't explode');
is($result, 'something', 'and it ran');
Finish (start?) Test::FAQ
Expand the Test::Tutorial
Restructure the Test::More synopsis.
Decide if the exit code behavior on failure is a useful default
$^C exception control?
Document that everything goes through Test::Builder->ok()
Add test name to diagnostic output
Put a newline before the first diagnostic failure when in Test::Harness
Trap bare exit() calls.
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