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Document incompatibilities between 0.98 and 1.5.0

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+=head2 Between Test::Builder 0.98 and 1.5.0
+=head3 summary() and details() are only populated on request
+By default L<summary> and L<details> will throw an exception if you
+use them. This is to keep memory usage down. You can turn it on with
+C<< $history->store_events(1) >>, but we recommend you instead use the
+statistical methods of TB2::History instead. See
+L<TB2::History/Statistics> and L<history> for more details.
+Here's an example of how you'd write code compatible across
+Test::Builder 0.98 and 1.5.0.
+ my $builder = Test::Builder->new;
+ if( $builder->can("history") ) {
+ my $history = $builder->history;
+ ...use TB2::History...
+ }
+ else {
+ ...use $builder->details or summary...
+ }
+=head3 Output handles are duplicated on first use
+Test::Builder will duplicate STDOUT and STDERR to make it safe for you
+to manipulate them as part of your test. 0.98 will duplicate them
+when the module is loaded, but 1.5.0 will duplicate them on first use.
+We recommend making any changes to the handles that you wish
+Test::Builder to see, such as turning on UTF8, as early as possible.
+We also recommend making any changes you I<don't> wish Test::Builder
+to see after the plan has been output.
+=head3 TAP version header
+1.5.0 uses TAP version 13 which will output a version header before
+anything else.
+ TAP version 13
+ 1..1
+ ok 1
+If you have code which examines the output of a test, this may
+=head3 TAP end of test formatting
+The comment at the end of a failing test script has changed.
+Previously it was "Looks like you failed X test(s) of Y." It is now
+"X test(s) of Y failed.".
+Other minor incompatibilities in the TAP comments will appear. We
+recommend you do not rely on the TAP comments. Instead use modules
+such as L<Test::Tester>, L<Test::Builder::Tester> or inspect the state
+of the test using the L<TB2::History> object.
CPAN can provide the best examples. Test::Simple, Test::More,

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