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RCAPUTO/POE-1.294_272.tar.gz broken by 2.00_06 #131

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Example fail report

More of them at

At the moment everything is red there but I have already sent a dozen pass with 0.97_01

POE got a new release RCAPUTO/POE-1.294_314.tar.gz in the meantime and I have stopped testing 2.00_06, so these older releases must be sufficient for testing.


Looking through t/30_loops/io_poll/wheel_readline.t, the filehandle being used for output is not working. I don't see anything that is obviously changing the filehandle. It's possible something very odd happened to STDOUT.


The issue is that the test redirects STDOUT and STDERR in POE/Test/Loops/ It does this after loading Test::More but before it outputs anything. TB1 used to dup STDOUT and STDERR immediately upon loading. TB2 now waits until it needs to.

The TB2 approach is more flexible, it can pick up on things like utf8 better, but POE has to force TB2 to duplicate the filehandles before redirecting STDOUT and STDERR.

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