There is no TB2::NoHistory->default #241

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SYNOPSIS code doesn't works.

use TB2::NoHistory;

Can't locate object method "default" via package "TB2::NoHistory" at - line 2.

Test-More member

Thanks for spotting that. TB2::History (and thus subclasses) were changed to no longer need a default object.

TB2::NoHistory is likely to go away, TB2::History will not record events by default (see #198), so I might as well just delete it before it confuses people.

@schwern schwern added a commit that referenced this issue Nov 29, 2011
@schwern schwern Remove TB2::NoHistory, it is unmaintained and has no future.
TB2::History will take over this role eventually (see #198).  Meanwhile, there's no
point in letting people rely on a half implementation that's going to be deleted.

For #241
@schwern schwern closed this Nov 29, 2011
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