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KES777 commented Oct 10, 2012

I get next messages:
ok 1 - use SRS::Zone::RR;
ok 2 - The object isa SRS::Zone::RR::A
ok 3 - SRS::Zone::RR::A isa SRS::Zone::RR

while running test:
$obj = SRS::Zone::RR->new( %a );
isa_ok( $obj, 'SRS::Zone::RR::A' );
new_ok( 'SRS::Zone::RR' => [ %a ], 'SRS::Zone::RR::A' );

as you mention in doc that:
new_ok is basically equivalent to:

my $obj = $class->new(@args);
isa_ok $obj, $class, $object_name;

you must print out same messages.

ok 1 - use SRS::Zone::RR;
ok 2 - The object isa SRS::Zone::RR::A
ok 3 - The object isa SRS::Zone::RR::A

schwern commented Oct 12, 2012

It does say they're basically equivalent, so there's no requirement they be
exactly the same. Let's proceed without that requirement and see if there's
a benefit here to making them match.

First problem is that these are not equivalent:

isa_ok( $obj, 'SRS::Zone::RR::A' );
new_ok( 'SRS::Zone::RR' => [ %a ], 'SRS::Zone::RR::A' );

Your new_ok() is really doing this:

my $obj = SRS::Zone::RR->new(%a);
isa_ok $obj, "SRS::Zone::RR", "SRS::Zone::RR::A";

Which is to say...

Check that SRS::Zone::RR->new(%a) isa SRS::Zone::RR object...
***but then refer to that object as SRS::Zone::RR::A***

What you meant was...

my $obj = SRS::Zone::RR->new(%a);
isa_ok $obj, "SRS::Zone::RR::A";

Which is...

Check that SRS::Zone::RR->new(%a) isa SRS::Zone::RR::A object.

See the difference? The 3rd argument to new_ok is not the class to do the isa
check on, but the name of the object. Same as the third argument to isa_ok().
There is no option to change the isa class to new_ok, you have to write it
out longhand. This is by design, new_ok is only meant as a convenience
wrapper for a few lines of code.

If there's a problem here it's that difference in behavior between new_ok and
isa_ok leads to a trap that you fell into. Took me a while to notice it, too.


schwern commented Apr 22, 2013

Not a bug and no response from the reporter for six months. Closing. Please reopen if you feel there's still an issue here.

@schwern schwern closed this Apr 22, 2013
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