Preferred workflow

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If you're new to git and Github, Help.GitHub is the place to start. If you're new to Perl/CPAN development, see New to CPAN Development.

1. Add or find an issue covering what you want to do.

If you're looking for something to do, may we recommend...

  • Easy tasks are easy.
  • Gardening tasks are refactorings and other cleanups.
  • Docs tasks are for documentation.

2. Comment in the issue that you're working on it.

This is especially important if it's a refactoring that's going to touch a lot of files.

3. Do the work.

You can use our recommended workflow or your own. Please follow the testing guidelines as writing tests for a test library is special.

Note that documentation can have a much simpler workflow, it's fine to edit stuff directly on Github and submit like that. Just try to reference the issue number in the commit message, like "this is for #123".

It's ok to do just part of the work. For example, if the issue is to "document and test" then you can just document it.

4. Issue a pull request.

Or email the patch to

5. Discuss any issues found with the patch.

6. A collaborator will merge the patch and close the issue.

If you feel things have stalled, feel free to say "ping" in a comment on the issue to wake us up.