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Taps is a test tool for the .NET framework. It is inspired on Perl's
testing facilities and therefore quite different from the likes of
tools like NUnit. tap.exe runs test scripts and expects to see output
that conforms to the TAP protocol on their stdouts.

Taps requires .NET to be installed on Windows and Mono to be installed
on Unix.

Installation - Windows

You can install Taps in Windows using the binary installer. The binary
installer installs Taps with documentation and samples in
ProgramFiles/Taps and puts a copy of tap.exe in SystemRoot\System32 so
it appears in the path. The installer adds an item 'Taps' in the start
menu with links to the documentation and the uninstaller.

Installation - Unix

To install on Unix, download taps-unix-install.tar.gz and extract
it. taps-unix-install.tar.gz contains this README and an archive
called taps-bin-unix.tar.gz.

You can install Taps on Unix by extracting the taps-bin-unix.tar.gz in
the right location. taps-bin-unix.tar.gz contains a bin, lib and share
dir. The place where you extract taps-bin-unix.tar.gz should have an
overlapping bin dir that is in your path. For example, if your system
has an /opt/local/bin, and it is in your path, you could extract as

  tar -xzf taps-bin-unix.tar.gz -C /opt/local

You need admin rights to do that. If the archive magically got
gunzipped during download, use -xf instead of -xzf.

If you don't have an /opt/local, other places that may be appropriate
for your system may be /usr/local, /usr, or /.

This installs a command 'tap' in your path. You can verify that it
works by entering 'tap -h' on the command line. Documentation and
samples are installed in <installroot>/share/doc/taps-testing.


If you want to compile Taps yourself you can do so by downloading the
source distribution and running in the ./tap
directory. Compiling Taps requires that the .NET framework v3.5 is
installed on your Windows system, or Mono 2.4 (older 2.x version may
work too) on your Unix system. Running requires Perl
(e.g. from <>). For .NET on Windows, run "perl". For Mono on Unix, run "perl mono".

To compile the documentation run in the ./doc
directory. Compiling the documentation requires xsltproc and docbook
xsls; see For .NET on Windows, run "perl". For Mono on Unix, run "perl mono".


The project home is <>.

Questions ? You can contact the author, Frank van Dijk, at
'taps.testing at gmail dot com'. Bugs ? Use the issue tracker at the
project's google code page.


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