strategy that bails magellan run as long as one test fails
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Important Notes About Versions

Important: testarmada-magellan-fast-bail-strategy is only supported by Magellan version 10.1.0 or higher.

What does this executor do

  1. It works as a Magellan strategy to help Magellan make decision when to do what
  2. It tells Magellan to terminate current test suite as long as one test has failed

How To Use

Please follow the following steps:

  1. npm install testarmada-magellan-fast-bail-strategy --save
  2. Add following line to your magellan.json (if there isn't a magellan.json please create one under your folder root):
"strategy_bail": "testarmada-magellan-fast-bail-strategy"
  1. Or, instead of adding above line in magellan.json, add following argument in your command line
--strategy_bail testarmada-magellan-fast-bail-strategy


To enable this strategy with default threshold

$ ./node_modules/.bin/magellan --strategy_bail testarmada-magellan-fast-bail-strategy --test xxx


Documentation in this project is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Full details available at