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A magellan plugin that connects magellan and nightwatch.

PLEASE NOTE: v6.0.0 would only be compatible with Magellan v10.0.0 and higher


  1. Add following code to your package.json.

    "testarmada-magellan-nightwatch-plugin": "^5.0.0"
  2. Add following code to your magellan.json (optional)

    "framework": "testarmada-magellan-nightwatch-plugin"

Please notice that the step 2 is optional, magellan will try to load this plugin by default. It won't hurt if the plugin is out found. However, it is still recommended to add it to your magellan.json

What does it do

This plugin connects magellan and nightwatch by

1. passing down magellan test filters (by tags, groups and/or tests) to nightwatch for test case selection.
2. modifying necessary ports so that magellan can run test in parallel (multi-worker) mode.
3. fixing some easy-to-forget configurations in `nightwatch.json` if there is any, to run test in parallel (multi-worker) mode.
4. passing down node env/configurations for child process spawn purpose.

Update notes


Add .js config support. Right now you can name your nightwatch configuration file in both .json and .js format. Please note, to support .js format you also need nightwatch-extra@5.1.0


Documentation in this project is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Full details available at