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Executor for Magellan to run nightwatchjs tests on SeleniumGrid.

PLEASE NOTE: Executor is only supported by magellan version 10.0.5 (first version to allow executor to define its own port rule) or higher.

What does this executor do

  1. It allows nightwatch to talk to given selenium grid hud
  2. It runs nightwatch test by forking it as magellan child process

How To Use

Please follow the steps

  1. npm install testarmada-magellan-seleniumgrid-executor --save
  2. add following block to your magellan.json (if there isn't a magellan.json please create one under your folder root)
"executors": [
  1. ./node_modules/.bin/magellan ----help to see if you can see the following content printed out
Executor-specific (testarmada-magellan-seleniumgrid-executor)
  --seleniumgrid_browser=chrome        Run tests in chrome, firefox, etc.
  --seleniumgrid_browsers=b1,b2,..     Run multiple browsers in parallel.
  --seleniumgrid_host=localhost        Host for selenium grid (exclusive with seleniumgrid_url).
  --seleniumgrid_port=4444             Port for selenium grid (exclusive with seleniumgrid_url).
  --seleniumgrid_url=http://localhost:4URL for selenium grid (exclusive with seleniumgrid_host and seleniumgrid_port).
  --seleniumgrid_list_browsers         List the available browsers configured.

Congratulations, you're all set.

Customize selenium grid parameters

--seleniumgrid_host and --seleniumgrid_port

--seleniumgrid_port is required to configure magellan to use a fixed selenium port for selenium grid for all workers, --seleniumgrid_host and --seleniumgrid_port will be translate to selenium_host and selenium_port in nightwatch.json eventually.

--seleniumgrid_url is not supported for now


To run test on seleniumgrid with chrome

$ ./node_modules/.bin/magellan --seleniumgrid_browser chrome --seleniumgrid_host ${GRID_HOST} --seleniumgrid_port ${GRID_PORT} --test xxx 


Documentation in this project is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Full details available at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0