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import flash.ui.Mouse;
import org.flixel.*;
public class PlayState extends FlxState
//Our emmiter
private var theEmitter:FlxEmitter;
//Our white pixel (This is to prevent creating 200 new pixels all to a new variable each loop)
private var whitePixel:FlxParticle;
//Some buttons
private var collisionButton:FlxButton;
private var gravityButton:FlxButton;
private var quitButton:FlxButton;
//some walls stuff
private var collisionGroup:FlxGroup;
private var wall:FlxSprite;
private var floor:FlxSprite;
//We'll use these to track the current state of gravity and collision
private var isGravityOn:Boolean = false;
private var isCollisionOn:Boolean = false;
//Just a useful flxText for notifications
private var topText:FlxText;
override public function create():void
FlxG.framerate = 60;
FlxG.flashFramerate = 60;
//Here we actually initialize out emitter
//The parameters are X Y Size (Maximum number of particles the emitter can store)
theEmitter = new FlxEmitter(10, FlxG.height / 2, 200);
//Now by default the emitter is going to have some properties set on it and can be used immediately
//but we're going to change a few things.
//First this emitter is on the side of the screen, and we want to show off the movement of the particles
//so lets make them launch to the right.
theEmitter.setXSpeed(100, 200);
//and lets funnel it a tad
theEmitter.setYSpeed( -50, 50);
//Let's also make our pixels rebound off surfaces
theEmitter.bounce = .8;
//Now let's add the emitter to the state.
//Now it's almost ready to use, but first we need to give it some pixels to spit out!
//Lets fill the emitter with some white pixels
for (var i:int = 0; i < theEmitter.maxSize/2; i++) {
whitePixel = new FlxParticle();
whitePixel.makeGraphic(2, 2, 0xFFFFFFFF);
whitePixel.visible = false; //Make sure the particle doesn't show up at (0, 0)
whitePixel = new FlxParticle();
whitePixel.makeGraphic(1, 1, 0xFFFFFFFF);
whitePixel.visible = false;
//Now let's setup some buttons for messing with the emitter.
collisionButton = new FlxButton(2, FlxG.height - 22, "Collision", onCollision);
gravityButton = new FlxButton(82, FlxG.height - 22, "Gravity", onGravity);
quitButton = new FlxButton(320, FlxG.height - 22, "Quit", onQuit);
//I'll just leave this here
topText = new FlxText(0, 2, FlxG.width, "Welcome");
topText.alignment = "center";
//Lets setup some walls for our pixels to collide against
collisionGroup = new FlxGroup();
wall= new FlxSprite(100, 100);
wall.makeGraphic(10, 100, 0x50FFFFFF);//Make it darker - easier on the eyes :)
wall.visible = wall.solid = false;//Set both the visibility AND the solidity to false, in one go
wall.immovable = true;//Lets make sure the pixels don't push out wall away! (though it does look funny)
//Duplicate our wall but this time it's a floor to catch gravity affected particles
floor = new FlxSprite(10, 267);
floor.makeGraphic(FlxG.width - 20, 10, 0x50FFFFFF);
floor.visible = floor.solid = false;
floor.immovable = true;
//Please note that this demo makes the walls themselves not collide, for the sake of simplicity.
//Normally you would make the particles have solid = true or false to make them collide or not on creation,
//because in a normal environment your particles probably aren't going to change solidity at a mouse
//click. If they did, you would probably be better suited with emitter.setAll("solid", true)
//I just don't feel that setAll is applicable here(Since I would still have to toggle the walls anyways)
//Don't forget to add the group to the state(Like I did :P)
//Now lets set our emitter free.
//Params: Explode, Particle Lifespan, Emit rate(in seconds)
theEmitter.start(false, 3, .01);
//Let's re show the cursors;
override public function update():void
//This is just to make the text at the top fade out
if (topText.alpha > 0) {
topText.alpha -= .01;
FlxG.collide(theEmitter, collisionGroup);
//This is run when you flip the collision
private function onCollision():void {
isCollisionOn = !isCollisionOn;
if (isCollisionOn) {
if (isGravityOn) {
floor.solid = true; //Set the floor to the 'active' collision barrier
floor.visible = true;
wall.solid = false;
wall.visible = false;
}else {
floor.solid = false; //Set the wall to the 'active' collision barrier
floor.visible = false;
wall.solid = true;
wall.visible = true;
topText.text = "Collision: ON";
}else {
//Turn off the wall and floor, completely
wall.solid = floor.solid = wall.visible = floor.visible = false;
topText.text = "Collision: OFF";
topText.alpha = 1;
FlxG.log("Toggle Collision");
//This is run when you flip the gravity
private function onGravity():void {
isGravityOn = !isGravityOn;
if (isGravityOn) {
theEmitter.gravity = 200;
if (isCollisionOn){
floor.visible = true;
floor.solid = true;
wall.visible = false;
wall.solid = false;
//Just for the sake of completeness let's go ahead and make this change happen
//to all of the currently emitted particles as well.
for (var i:int = 0; i < theEmitter.members.length; i++) {
FlxParticle(theEmitter.members[i]).acceleration.y = 200; //Cast the pixel from the emitter as a particle so we can use it
topText.text = "Gravity: ON";
}else {
theEmitter.gravity = 0;
if (isCollisionOn){
wall.visible = true;
wall.solid = true;
floor.visible = false;
floor.solid = false;
for (var i:int = 0; i < theEmitter.members.length; i++) {
FlxParticle(theEmitter.members[i]).acceleration.y = 0;
topText.text = "Gravity: OFF";
topText.alpha = 1;
FlxG.log("Toggle Gravity");
//This just quits - state.destroy() is automatically called upon state changing
private function onQuit():void {
FlxG.switchState(new MenuState());