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import flash.ui.Mouse;
import org.flixel.*;
public class PlayState extends FlxState
//Here's the FlxSave variable this is what we're going to be saving to.
private var gameSave:FlxSave;
//We're just going to drop a bunch of boxes into a group
private var boxGroup:FlxGroup;
private var numBoxes:int = 20;
//We'll use these variables for the dragging
private var dragOffset:FlxPoint;
private var dragging:Boolean = false;
private var dragTarget:FlxObject;
//Buttons for the demo
private var demoSave:FlxButton;
private var demoLoad:FlxButton;
private var demoClear:FlxButton;
private var demoQuit:FlxButton;
//The top text that yells at you
private var topText:FlxText;
override public function create():void
FlxG.framerate = 60;
FlxG.flashFramerate = 60;
//So here's the core of this demo - the FlxSave you have to instantiate a new one before you can use it
gameSave = new FlxSave();
//And then you have to bind it to the save data, you can use different bind strings in different parts of your game
//you MUST bind the save before it can be used.
//Since we need the text before the usual end of the demo we'll initialize it up here.
topText = new FlxText(0, 2, FlxG.width, "Welcome!");
topText.alignment = 'center';
//This just makes some dim text with instructions
var dragText:FlxText = new FlxText(5, FlxG.height / 2 -20, FlxG.width, "Click to Drag");
dragText.color = 0x10101010;
dragText.size = 50;
//Set out offset to non-null here
dragOffset = new FlxPoint(0, 0);
//Make a group to place the boxes in
boxGroup = new FlxGroup();
//And let's make some boxes!
for (var i:int = 0; i < numBoxes; i++) {
//If we already have some save data to work with, then let's go ahead and put it to use
if ( != null){
var box:FlxButton = new FlxButton([i].x,[i].y, (i + 1).toString());
//I'm using a FlxButton in this instance because I can use if(button.state == FlxButton.PRESSED)
//to detect if the mouse is held down on a button
topText.text = "Loaded positions";
//If not, oh well we'll just put them in the default locations
var box:FlxButton = new FlxButton((i * 35) + 9, 50, (i+1).toString());
if (i * 35 > 360){
box.y = 85;
box.x = (i * 35 -2) - 339;
topText.text = "No save found, using default positions";
box.makeGraphic(32, 32, 0xFFAAAAAA); //Make a graphic for our button, instead of the default
boxGroup.add(box); //And add it to the group
add(boxGroup);//Add the group to the state
//Get out buttons set up along the bottom of the screen
demoSave = new FlxButton(2, FlxG.height -22, "Save Locations", onSave);
demoLoad = new FlxButton(82, FlxG.height -22, "Load Locations", onLoad);
demoClear = new FlxButton(202, FlxG.height -22, "Clear Save", onClear);
demoQuit = new FlxButton(320, FlxG.height -22, "Quit", onQuit);
//Let's not forget about our old text, which needs to be above everything else
//Let's re show the cursors;
override public function update():void
//This is just to make the text at the top fade out
if (topText.alpha > 0) {
topText.alpha -= .005;
//if you've clicked, lets see if you clicked on a button
//Note something like this needs to be after super.update() that way the button's state has updated to reflect the mouse event
if (FlxG.mouse.justPressed()) {
for each(var a:FlxButton in boxGroup.members) {
if (a.status == FlxButton.PRESSED) {
dragOffset.x = a.x - FlxG.mouse.x; //The offset is used to make the box stick to the cursor and not snap to the corner
dragOffset.y = a.y - FlxG.mouse.y;
dragging = true;
dragTarget = a;
//If you let go, then release that box!
if (FlxG.mouse.justReleased()) {
dragTarget = null;
dragging = false;
//And lets move the box around
if (dragging) {
dragTarget.x = FlxG.mouse.x + dragOffset.x;
dragTarget.y = FlxG.mouse.y + dragOffset.y;
//Called when the user clicks the 'Save Locations' button
private function onSave():void {
//Do we already have a save? if not then we need to make one
if ( == null) {
//lets make a new array at the location data/
//don't worry, if its not there - then flash will make a new variable there
//You can also do something like = true;
//and if randomBool didn't exist before, then flash will create a boolean there.
//though it's best to make a new type() before setting it, so you know the correct type is kept = new Array();
for each(var a:FlxButton in boxGroup.members) {
//Cast the boxPositions as an array, you don't have to - but i like my FlashDevelop to highlight so i know im doing it right.
( as Array).push(new FlxPoint(a.x, a.y));
topText.text = "Created a new save, and saved positions";
topText.alpha = 1;
}else {
//So we already have some save data? lets overwrite the data WITHOUT ASKING! oooh so bad :P
//Now we're not doing a real for-loop here, because i REALLY like for each, so we'll need our own index count
var tempCount:int = 0;
//For each button in the group boxGroup - I'm sure you see why I like this already
for each(var a:FlxButton in boxGroup.members) {[tempCount] = new FlxPoint(a.x, a.y);
topText.text = "Overwrote old positions";
topText.alpha = 1;
//Called when the user clicks the 'Load Locations' button
private function onLoad():void {
//Loading what? Theres no save data!
if ( == null){
topText.text = "Failed to load - There's no save"
topText.alpha = 1;
}else {
//Note that above I saved the positions as an array of FlxPoints, When the SWF is closed and re-opened the Types in the
//array lose their type, and for some reason cannot be re-cast as a FlxPoint. They become regular Flash Objects with the correct
//variables though, so you're safe to use them - just your IDE won't highlight recognize and highlight the variables
var tempCount:int = 0;
for each(var a:FlxButton in boxGroup.members) {
a.x =[tempCount].x;
a.y =[tempCount].y;
topText.text = "Loaded positions";
topText.alpha = 1;
//Called when the user clicks the 'Clear Save' button
private function onClear():void {
//Lets just wipe the whole boxPositions array = null;
topText.text = "Save erased";
topText.alpha = 1;
//This just quits - state.destroy() is automatically called upon state changing
private function onQuit():void {
FlxG.switchState(new MenuState());