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Welcome to the Source Code Translation plugin for Eclipse wiki!

Every now and then a developer has to work on a code base that is in a language that is unknown to him. In this case, he would need to copy variable, class, method names to Google Translate to see what they actually mean.

The Source Code Translation plugin for Eclipse tries to help such developers, by providing a popup with the translated words, when hovering the mouse over them.


Setting up the plugin

1.Install the plugin

2.Create a properties file that will contain the translations(like any other properties file it will contain entries like "word_to_be_translated=translated_word", each on a different row)

3.Go to Window->Preferences->Source Code Translation and select the properties file

4.Hover over a method, class, variable name to see the popup with the translation. If the popup contains untranslated words, then simply add them to the properties file and press CTRL+4 to reload the file

The plugin offers 2 key bindings

CTRL+4 -> reloads the translation file (most useful after adding new words to the translation file)

CTRL+5 -> disable plugin (for the cases when you want to have the standard Eclipse hover functionality)

For help/suggestions contact me at

Dan Testehan