WASD keyboard layout design for NEO keyboard layout
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wasd-neo-edit.svg fixed non-path shape for soft-hyphen Mar 14, 2017


WASD keyboard layout with NEO layout

Designed for black keycaps (fonts in white).

Differences to other designs

  • added small QWERTY layout symbols (in case it is needed - like BIOS, new installation, ...)
  • less colourful: white for main + layer 2-4, blue for layers 5+6
  • arrangement: L1 in center, L2-4 at top, L5+6 bottom right, QWERTY bottom left


  • fonts not converted to paths
  • alignment layers (as help for symbol arrangement)
  • black background layer to verify final look
  • font used: mainly Source Sans Pro (should be freely available)


  • removed unneeded layers (alignment, background color check)
  • converted all symbols to paths