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-2012-06-05 Lu, Chao-Ming (Tetralet) <>
- It is a hotfix version of 0.9.9.
+2012-06-06 Lu, Chao-Ming (Tetralet) <>
+ Version, it is a hotfix version of 0.9.9.
New Feature:
* Added a new option "embedded_copy_paste_menu" to embed the copy/paste
@@ -8,17 +8,30 @@
* Added a new command line option [-H/--hold], may hold the terminal window
open when the command following -e/-x terminated.
VERY THANKS to Douglas McFadzean for this great idea.
+ * Applied new Portuguese translation. VERY THANKS to Rafael Ferreira!
+ * de.po, ru.po, uk.po, sk.po, it.po and pt_BR.po have been updated.
+ Very thanks to Mario Blttermann, Vladimir Smolyar, Slavko, Marco Paolone,
+ and Rafael Ferreira for the translation!
* Urgent bell should be disabled if the window is getting focus.
VERY THANKS to daspostloch for reporting this bug.
* Respect to the PATH environment, or the -e option won't work if the command
is not in /usr/bin.
VERY THANKS to Douglas McFadzean for reporting this bug.
+ * Added a missed '\' before '-' in the manpage file.
+ VERY THANKS to Slavko for the patch.
+ * Update the ansi color codes of xterm theme.
+ Very thanks to caleb for reporting this bug!
+ * Short the help messages to fit in 80 columns.
+ VERY THANKS to Rafael Ferreira for reporting this bug.
+ * Using ETCDIR instead of g_get_system_config_dirs().
+ VERY THANKS to Rafael Ferreira for reporting this bug!
* The settings for [always show/hide the tabs bar] don't be saved as excepted.
VERY THANKS to BV1AL for reporting this bug.
2012-04-04 Lu, Chao-Ming (Tetralet) <>
+ Version 0.9.9.
Trying to migrate to GTK3+ but failed. Still having big trouble in handling geometry.
New Feature:

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