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AAC Library of Tools

ISO Library Tool


iso-lib.sh is a tool to help maintain a library of blu-ray, DVD, or CD data disks. I write to Blu-Ray as a removable media backup which I can store in a safe or offsite. A more permanent storage solution than spinning rust or even SSDs. The tool has 4 major options:

  • --prepare - prepares the target directory for burning. This will remove Synology and Mac specific additions to directories, as well as list those items that are not compressed in some fashion.
  • --compile - compiles the target directory into a list of missing files from the existing blu-ray discs.
  • --create - creates a DVD/Blu-ray data disc from the target directory based on the results of the --compile option.
  • --rebuild - rebuilds the library from existing discs

Normal usage would be to rebuild, prepare, insert a blank disc, compile, then create. Compile and Create are required for each new disc to be created.

Other options include:

  • --help - to get help
  • --device - device to use to burn disc


To properly burn blu-ray discs on Linux you need to use the official Joerg Schilling Cdrecord-ProDVD-ProBD-Clone v3 binary from http://cdrtools.sourceforge.net/private/cdrecord.html

No other version burns blu-ray's properly. You end up with coasters without Joerg Schilling's version.


Place in /usr/local/bin, $HOME/bin, or anywhere within your path. The tool does use sudo, so sudo access for mounting and unmounting loopback devices is required.


Email elh at astroarch dot com for assistance or if you want to check for more items.


1.0.2 - Ignored ASCII trademarks in uncompress/bad format list

1.0.1 - Added support for .enc (encrypted files) which are already compressed and support to output the version # as part of the --help argument.

1.0.0 - Initial Release