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Awesome Persian Sentiment Analysis Resources - منابع مرتبط با تحلیل احساسات در زبان فارسی
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Awesome Persian Sentiment Analysis Resources

FarsiYar Text-Mining Group try to collect best resources for opinion mining in the Persian language.

Please participate in its development.

Sentiment Analysis Challenges

Sentiment Lexicon

Sentiment Tagged Corpus (dataset)

HesNegar: Persian Sentiment WordNet

You can download csv version of this resource from : "PersianSWN.csv".

Each line (entry) has 5 fields :

  1. Synset id (based on Princeton WordNet standard format): IdNumber-PosTag e.g. 00001740-a
  2. Persian word.
  3. Confidence value (based on FerdowsNet WordNet).
  4. Positivity value.
  5. Negativity value.

Sample data:

00001740-a	توانا	1.00	0.125	0.000
00051373-a	توانا	0.45	0.375	0.250
00001740-a	قادر	0.24	0.125	0.000
00002098-a	عاجز	1.00	0.000	0.750
00051696-a	عاجز	0.18	0.000	0.500
00002098-a	ناتوان	0.75	0.000	0.750
00051696-a	ناتوان	0.58	0.000	0.500

For more information, please visit our paper in the Signal and Data Processing Journal

سرویس تحلیل متن (متن کاوی) فارسی‌یار

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