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What happened to LiveDocx?

In May 2016, Text Control GmbH announced the successor to LiveDocx, called ReportingCloud.

With ReportingCloud, you can merge MS Word compatible templates with textual and image data via a Web API, to create customized invoices, contracts and quotations.

Unlike its predecessor, ReportingCloud offers a WYSIWYG online template designer, which you can use to create your templates.

The PHP wrapper - which was authored and is supported by the project - gives you access to all ReportingCloud features, via an easy to understand API.

If you have used LiveDocx in the past, you will quickly be able to create professional looking documents in Adobe PDF, MS Word and HTML formats with ReportingCloud.

Learn more about ReportingCloud at:

How do I get started?

Please review the file for instructions on how to get started with ReportingCloud in PHP.