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<h1> - Aviation Weather SMS</h1>
<h1>No Longer Available</h1>
<p>METARs and TAFs in the air with cell signal. No 4G/Wi-Fi required.</p>
<p>Add us to your contacts: (714) 352-4346</p>
<div class="phone">
<div class="phone-header">
<span class="left">Messages</span>
<span class="contact">(714) 352-4346</span>
<span class="right">Contact</span>
<div class="messages-wrapper">
<div class="message to">KFUL KLGB</div>
<div id="message2" class="message from">KFUL 031853Z 00000KT 4SM HZ CLR 19/12 A3007 RMK AO2 SLP183 T01890122</div>
<div id="message3" class="message from">KLGB 031853Z 00000KT 6SM HZ CLR 19/13 A3008 RMK AO2 SLP185 T01890128</div>
<div id="message4" class="message from">TAF: KLGB 031747Z 0318/0418 00000KT 5SM HZ BKN120<br />FM031900 19006KT P6SM BKN120<br />FM040600 35002KT 5SM BR OVC100</div>
<!--div class="give-me-money">
<a href="">Subscribe</a>
<ul class="notes">
<li>* Always use official FAA sources when planning your flights, 100% uptime not guaranteed.</li>
<li>* Data pulled from <a href=""></a> Text Data Server.</li>
<li>* Results are cached for up to 5 minutes.</li>
<p>Alternative: <a href="!/sms-text-message-service">Leidos Flight Service</a></p>
<p>Text "METAR KLAX" to 358-782 (FLTSVC)</p>

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