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Simple static site generator backed by contenful API
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Simple static site generator for contentful

What it's for

A CLI tool to generate a site from templates + data from a contentful space

How to use it

To build a site from a space using the templates in templatesFolder

contentful-static -a yourContentDeliveryApiAccessToken yourSpaceId templatesFolder/ dest/

Template building

Each entry in your contentful data is matched against a template by checking it's contentType name.

Template variables

Availiable in the template context are

entry The entry for this template
content The entire contentful data object.
entries All entries
includes HTML data for all entries already rendered. Key is id.
include(entry) A function (shorthand for direct usage of include). Takes either a list of entries or an entry and returns it's html
debug(obj) Print debug for an object

A note on templates

As a default contentful-static uses the template language nunjucks. But since it uses consolidate in theory any other templating language can be used.

Install with NPM

npm install -g contentful-static


var contentfulStatic = require('contentful-static');

3. Configure

    // Path to templates.
    templates: 'templates',
    // Your Contentful space ID
    space: 'my12space34id',
    // Contentful Content Delivery API Access Token
    accessToken: '5fdae8a3myacc3sst0ken573962'

4. Fetch

// With promise
contentfulStatic.sync().then(function(json) {
  console.log('contentful-static: data stored successfully!', json);
}, function (err) {
  console.log('contentful-static: data could not be fetched');

// With callback
contentfulStatic.sync(function(err, json) {
    if(err) {
        console.log('contentful-static: data could not be fetched');
        return false;
    console.log('contentful-static: data fetched successfully!', json);

4. Render

// With promise
contentfulStatic.render(json).then(function(htmls) {
  // Rendered data is an object where key is entry sys id and value is its HTML
}, function (err) {
  console.log('Could not render templates');

// With callback
contentfulStatic.render(json, function(err, htmls) {
    // Handle callback
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