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fi - Smart Contract language for Tezos

fi is a powerful, smart contract language for Tezos that compiles down to valid and verifiable Michelson code. fi is currently in early alpha stages, with the aim of release a complete alpha release soon.

Check us out online, or read through our Documentation to get started


We have plans to release a complete online portal for compiling, testing and deploying Smart Contracts - keep an eye out.

Current Goals

  • Finalize styling/syntax and language related rules
  • Complete initial milestones for functionality
  • Complete error handling (with type checking)
  • Basic optimization of compiled code

Other Goals

  • Develop DOCS for fi
  • Integrated JSON object
  • Complete website (online editor/compiler, stack trace, and run functionality)
  • Tidy up and bug fix compilers
  • Release compilers to github for public use
  • Prepare initial alpha release