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Soulbound items for your RPG servers!
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Latest commit ab79559 @Ktar5 Ktar5 committed with Fixes for array index out of bound exceptions
Had to fix the old .size < 3   because of array index out of bound exceptions
When lore was added to an item, that would falsify the continuation of the method
because of the plugin thinking the UUID was at that line, just because a lore had XXX amount
of lines. So we check to see if there are two lines

Example lore with .size of 5:
Timmy (0)
Eats (1)
Pie (2)
Soulbound (3)
Ktar5 (4)

There is no uuid, but you continue the method like there is, so... iFix4u
This should work as a nice fix.


What is Soulbound?

Souldbound is a Bukkit plugin that makes it possible to have Soulbound items. Whenever an item is soulbinded, players cannot transfer the item to other players.

How does it work?

Check out the BukkitDev-page for more information!

Who made this?


Download here: BukkitDev

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