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Enhances Avaritia to another level!
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LICENSE Update Jun 22, 2019



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This is a fork of the GitHub repo for the Avaritia Tweaks Minecraft mod, where the source code and issue tracker are in here as the old repo has been archived.

THis fork is also licensed under LGPL as the original mod is under LGPL.

Submit any bug reports / suggestions via issue tracker.

Pull requests are welcome if you would like to add features / help with bug fixes or translations.

Contact Me

  • Discord DM - IItemstack#1381

Link to original project

Setting up workspace / compile the mod yourself

If you would like to set up the workspace yourself to submit PRs of features additions or bug fixes, or compile the mod, here's how you do it.

  1. Clone the mod.

    • HTTPS: git clone
    • SSH: git clone
    • Or, use the GitHub desktop app to clone the repo via GUI interface.
  2. Setting up the workspace, depending on what you need.

    • Decompiled source: gradlew setupDecompWorkspace
    • Obfuscated source: gradlew setupDevWorkspace
    • CI server: gradlew setupCIWorkspace
  3. Either use gradlew build to build the jar file (Output is in build/libs), or setup the IDE if you are going to modify any codes. Both IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse are included below since they're more popular IDEs.

    • IntelliJ IDEA: Do gradlew idea, open the .ipr file and import the gradle file, then execute the genIntellijRuns task in the "Gradle" tab.
    • Eclipse: Do gradlew eclipse and open the directory as project.
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