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Keybase Bots

An open source collection of all the bots available on Keybase. Submit a PR to get yours added below, and on

Name Summary Github
Keybase-SSH-CA "A bot! a chat bot! Which you can use as a certificate authority to sign ssh keys for usage on your servers!" source
keybase bookmark bot Add bookmarks with tags using this Keybase bot. source
keybase-bot-weather "Keybase bot that posts weather information to a channel that has asked for it." source
Croupier source
SMSbot "Stop sharing your REAL phone number with companies that will sell your data or send you garbage. They don't need it, and I can hook you up with a temporary throwaway number. i live in keybase. literally here." source
Reminder Bot "I'm a bot. I can remind you about things." source
Crypto Bot "Cryptoboto is chat bot for Keybase that looks up cryptocurrency prices from CoinMarketCap for you." source
buckaroo-banzai "A stupid slack bot for printing fake very real money." source
Treasure Bot "Every day is an adventure!" source
Stathat source


An opensource list of keybase bots






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