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Simple scrapping tool in Python 3 using selenium to find quickly the distance between two unknown generic locations (supermarket, store...)

Typically used for GeoInt on a picture where you can recognize two generic element in the background (i.e a park and a store). This tool does not use an API key.


  • Display a list of locations pairs sorted by minimum distance
  • Can show them on a local OSM map (.html)
  • Save them to text file


-q/--query => Google map queries, separated by a "."
Ex: -q town store2 additional_query_info
Where town store1 is your first Gmap query, and town store2 your second
If you want to know if your query is correct, check it on google maps before and see if you obtain desired result. It is for instance possible to add words like "clothes" to make sure scraped addresses are relevant.

-s/--scope => Filter results above specified distance in a locations pair (km). Default value is 0.75.
Ex: -s 0.5

-o/--output => Export to text file
Ex: -o address.txt

-M/--map => Create map and show location of targets by pair on a local map.

-S/--Select => Select automatically the first n results. This is especially useful if you want to automate the script.

Examples :

Result screen : Result screen 0 => select element 0
1-4 => select elements 1 to 4
1,4 => select element 1 and 4

Map : Result screen

Install with pip

pip install -r "requirements.txt"

Driver is in the repository but here is the official link with the mozilla version :

Issues :

Nominatim is sometimes inaccurate with Geolocation, so if you use the -M option, make sure to check the street view of the location to have it right.

In progress

Getting reverse geocoding for more detailed addresses

-A/--AInfos => Gives you the whole addresses with reverse-geocoding (slower), use "full" for all addresses, and "selection" to get only the addresses you will selected We don't recommend using the full option if you expect a lot of results.
Ex : -A selection


Simple scrapping tool to find quickly the distance between two generic locations (supermarket, store...)






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