My first simple graphical roguelike. This project was started as a way to learn C++.
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Version: Beta 0.9.2, 2014-10-22

Authors: Teon '7h30n' Banek, Luka 'Foox' Fućek, 'Psiweapon'



Thank You for downloading and playing Into The Dungeon++

Into the Dungeon++ is a roguelike. If You are unfamiliar with roguelikes I recommend to check the definition on the internet. (Wikipedia, RogueBasin and Temple of the Roguelike have the full definition)

The game features randomly created dungeons, monsters, items and scrolls. Can You survive Your dungeon crawling adventure and defeat the Evil that lurks on the 20th Dungeon Level?!

Beware of the cursed items (especially potions)! You cannot unequip cursed items, and cursed potions can be lethal!

The player is afflicted with the corruption, represented by a candle. It allows You to see loot through the Fog of War but staying too long on a dungeon level could take the toll of Your life.

Controls overview

  • Movement - arrow keys, left mouse button
  • Attacking - move toward the enemy
  • Save & Quit - SHIFT + S
  • Quit - CTRL + Q (quits without saving)
  • Load - SHIFT + L
  • Skip Turn - spacebar, right mouse button
  • Pickup item - enter, left mouse button on item (when standing on the item)
  • Spellbook - 'r'
  • Use spell - number associated with the spell in the spellbook
  • Inventory - 'i'
  • Select Item - number associated with item in inventory
  • Use/Equip - 'u' when item is selected
  • Drop - 'd' when item is selected
  • Descend - 'd' on stairs/ladder
  • Next Page - 'n' in Inventory or SpellBook
  • Quaff Potion - 'q'
  • Character Stat - 'c'
  • Toggle Minimap - TAB
  • Toggle Help - F1
  • FullScreen - ALT + Enter
  • Super cancel - ESC (closes spellbook, spell usage, inventory, etc.)
  • Music toggle - CTRL + M
  • Sound toggle - CTRL + S

Heads Up Display overview

  • Minimap - upper left corner (white - floors, blue - player, green - stairs, brown - door)
  • Stats - upper right corner
  • Health - lower left corner (the red orb)
  • Corruption level - lower left corner (the candle)

Have fun playing the game!

Contact, Feedback, Bug Reports

Thank You for playing Into the Dungeon++!
If You have any suggestions or bug reports send it to:
or use


Into the Dungeon++ is an open source, freeware roguelike. The software is licensed under GNU General Public License. Source code can be found at:

Use of sounds and graphical files without asking the authors will be frowned upon!

Into the Dungeon++ was written in C++ and gladly uses the following libraries:

  • SDL,
  • SDL_image and
  • SDL_mixer

under the LGPL 3 license