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Tools for security challenges
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Userfull tools for Security Challenges

aslr : Switch on/off aslr (for lazy guys)

B : Patch a file, allow regex matches.
/bdoor : Backdoors and reverse shells

cprint : Column print a file (only ascii printable)
crpytoracle: Find crypto constantes in a file
cyril_string: Regex for Finding cyrilc strings

D Decode strings in Zeus Extract PE from any data dump

E Give a file entropy and detect xor key len

F Detect F5 SLB and give backend IP and port if sticked Detect all filetype contained in a binary find word for scrable

H Convert browser HAR file to Curl-Loader configuration A on purpose very RAW httpserver. Usefull for sending garbage Grab a screenshot of a website with firefox via selenium

M Add decoy macro for bypassing AV to vba

N Spawn a new python script skeletton

O IDAPython script for linking API Function call to memory offset

P find anomalies by name or entropy in sections of a PE file. Deobfuscate php code like eval(gzinflate(base64(backdoorcode)))

R : Find and retrieve any URL found in a file even a binary one : Find values in ELF, usefull for rop like ADD EAX,[EBX]

S Uncipher a file against a xor key

T : Bypass ACL for backing up Cisco conf

X : Xor Lenght Entropy - Show Shannon Entropy on a file, Usefull for determining XOR crypted file key lenght. Xtract only php code from any file Multi purpose 8 Bit Key file XORer

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