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section .data
sauvegarde dd 0;
myesp dd 0
section .text
GLOBAL _callfunct
;int 3
push ebp
mov ebp,esp
mov [myesp],esp
mov ebx,[ebp+0x08] ; Second Parameter = Obf String
mov ecx,[ebp+0x0c] ; Third Parameter = Key
add esp,256 ; keep space on stack
; Remap function call as expected..
push ebx ; Push Ascii String offset ( type pointer)
mov ecx,[ecx]
push ecx ; push value of Key (type integer)
call [ebp+0x10] ; Call the fuction to decode
;int 3
; on the hello example the result in in EBX
; considerer ici que tous les registres sont détruit..
mov [sauvegarde],EBX
mov esp,[myesp] ; Get back the stack on the good place
pop ebp
mov eax, [sauvegarde] ; Get back the string offset