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Bittorrent streaming software for cats. Stream anime torrents, real-time with no waiting for downloads.


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Stream anime torrents, real-time with no waiting for downloads

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A pure JS BitTorrent streaming environment, with a built-in list manager. Imagine qBit + Taiga + MPV, all in a single package, but streamed real-time. Completly ad free with no tracking/data collection.

This app is meant to feel look, work and perform like a streaming website/app, while providing all the advantages of torrenting, like file downloads, higher download speeds, better video quality and quicker releases.

Unlike qBit's sequential, seeking into undownloaded data will prioritise downloading that data, instead of flat out closing MPV.



  • full AniList integration
    • filter anime by name, genre, season, year, format, status
    • view anime on your planning and watching list
    • add and remove anime from your planning list
    • automatically mark episodes as complete as you watch them
    • view trailers/previews for anime
    • score anime
    • view anime relations
  • automatically find torrents for desired episodes
  • automatically detect what anime a torrent is
  • view latest releases on any custom RSS
  • airing schedule
  • find anime by image [just paste an image into the app]


  • full subtitle support
    • support for softcoded subtitles
    • support for external subtitle files
    • support for VTT, SSA, ASS, SUB, TXT subtitles
    • subtitle display in PiP
  • keybinds for all functions:
    • S - seek forwards 90 seconds [skip opening]
    • R - seek backwards 90 seconds
    • - seek forwards 2 seconds
    • - seek backwards 2 seconds
    • - increase volume
    • - decrease volume
    • M - mute volume
    • C - cycle through subtitle tracks
    • N - play next episode [if available]
    • B - play last episode [if available]
    • F - toggle fullscreen
    • P - toggle picture in picture
    • [ - increase playback speed
    • ] - decrease playback speed
    • \ - reset playback speed to 1
    • I - view video stats for nerds
    • ` - open keybinds UI
  • editable keybinds ` allows drag dropping any key
  • miniplayer
  • media session display
  • media keys support
  • Discord rich pressence
  • preview thumbnails
  • pause on lost focus
  • autoplay next episode
  • multi-audio support
  • torrent download progress on the seek bar


  • select downloads folder
  • specify download/upload speeds
  • support for most popular BEP's
  • support for custom torrent RSS feeds for latest releases
  • change what resolution to find torrents in
  • stream real-time with no waiting for downloads
  • support for custom extensions for custom sources and trackers

Linux Installation


If you use paru:

paru -S miru-bin

If you use yay:

yay -S miru-bin


  • Download the linux-Miru-version.deb from the releases page.
  • Install the deb file with package manager.
apt install linux-Miru-*.deb

Building and Development



  • Node 16 or above
  • PNPM
  • Docker
  • Android Debug Bridge
  • Java 18 or above [probably?]
  • maybe others... have fun.