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I'm not working on this anymore. Feel free to do with it as you will!


Ox is a tiny, opinionated-yet-open 2D game framework for the web. It offers a rigid structure that facilitates development. Its goals are to be easy to learn, modular and lightweight.

It weights at ~3.8kbytes gzipped and minified, meaning it can be easily used for competitions like 13kJS and for mobile games.


  • Powerful and simple Entity system
  • Fixed time step game loop
  • Transparent canvas context
  • Animated sprites
  • Scene manager
  • Assets preloading
  • Automated asset management, live server reload
  • Tiny at 3.8kbytes

Anatomy of an Ox project

Upon cloning this repo (or downloading it), you should have a basic skeleton for a game.

  • audio
  • build
  • data
  • images
  • src
    • engine
    • entities
    • scenes

Getting started:

Download the framework with the basic template, then cd to the folder you extracted and run npm install. Then just run npm start. Now just start developing! :D

You can read more information on the documentation.


  • Special UI entity
  • Tweening
  • Particles
  • Pre-Rendering
  • Pruning of code base
  • Better sample project
  • Better loading scene
  • Less dependencies
  • Powerful plugin architecture
  • Video documentation