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@GrantSP GrantSP released this Jul 14, 2014 · 4 commits to new-features since this release

This marks the last large release of the mod for some time. As most of the development is now shifted to a new DLL based mod, this will stay as is for anyone else to pick up at some point in the future, hence the name.

A large proportion of the edits are the result of combining forum comments about areas of greatest concern with most users. Most of that was done under the oversight of mystikx21, a longtime supporter of the mod and an experienced gamer.



  • Set forest chop to 40 (was 80)
  • Set city connection value formula to 2x per connection + .7/population, was 10x per connection + .25/population. This formula restores some wide-tall balance while still making roads/harbors valuable
  • Set engineer and scientist specialist yields to 2 (was 3)
  • Reduce culture costs for borders/policies somewhat (culture income increases pushed back mostly to later in the game).
  • Set great hall bonuses to 0 (moved happiness to palace and reduced costs slightly for early game)
  • Reduced most building costs (some up) and most unit costs.
  • Removed the ability to build farms on jungles.



  • Amphitheater reduced to 1 base culture +1 on resources (was 2 on latter and 3 on former)
  • Opera House increased to 3 base culture and 1 upkeep (was 1 and free)
  • Broadcast Tower increased to 4 upkeep, 50% culture.


  • Smith reduced to 1 upkeep
  • Workshop receives engineer slot, moved from walls.
  • Factory 15% production
  • Hydro Plant upkeep reduced to 2
  • Solar/Nuclear Plant 25% production
  • Iron Works +25% production


  • Arena upkeep increased to 3
  • Theater upkeep increased to 4
  • Cinema upkeep increased to 4
  • Circus upkeep increased to 2 (also adds gold to horse/ivory so it partly pays for itself)


  • University 30% (+15% from Knowledge policy tree) increased to 3 upkeep
  • School - upkeep increased to 5
  • Laboratory - upkeep increased to 8
  • National College reduced to 4, +25% science

(added about 10-15% to tech costs, more for what looks like a bug in calculated medieval era tech costs in the mod. This does not add very much early. It's mostly to slow down the late game tech rush (free techs from knowledge/heidelberg and scientists/faith buying GS and RAs added up fast).
Reduced spying rate increase to about 25% instead of 5x)


  • Hospital - provides 8 free food (was 5)
  • Aqueduct - 40% food kept and upkeep increased to 2
  • Placeholder - med lab gives +1 happy, should give +1 population also


  • Mosque set culture to 3, faith to 3
  • Moved wine/incense bonus to temple from shrine - shrine is for cheap and early faith accumulation. Temple is for using the Piety tree (currently) and larger scale faith accumulation.
  • Grand Temple also gives +25% faith


  • Caravansary reduced to +4 gold/route
  • Circus provides +1 gold to horse/ivory
  • Harbor bonus to sea trade route length and +2 to sea routes, upkeep increased to 2
  • East India - +15% gold
  • Total upkeep increases possible 16 for a coastal river city, 17 for a coastal city, +2 with horses/ivory cities.
  • Total culture increases +17%, -1 per resource
  • Total production increases +15% for factory+power plant
  • Total science decreases -5% (with knowledge, -3% without), +1 -25% in national college city.

Tile value

  • Set GI values to (roughly) 6 base +3 from tech, +3 from policy trees and +6 from late game ideologies (citadel and holy site will work similarly to this, but not quite the same)
  • Wells have a tech bonus at plastics (I don't know if this showed up or not as it didn't in my test games)
  • Rearranged tech bonuses for freshwater/non/overall for villages, in general delays bonuses except on freshwater, which is sooner.
  • All improvements have at least one policy improvement, one building improvement, and some have belief improvements (villages have 4 different +1 yields in that way). Almost everything starts the game +1 and can end up late game at at least +4 (+2 tech, +1 policy), but may not based on policy choices.
  • Setup freshwater/non bonuses for pastures, camps, quarries, mills, plantations (removed a +1 to mill and replaced with these, others this adds +1 to yield).


  • America - NASA center reduced to large instant bulb instead of free tech. (currently 4k, can adjust as needed). Minutemen buffed slightly to 26 strength from 24.
  • Arabia - set Camel Archer stats to 21 melee strength and 26 ranged, costs the same as regular knight
  • Austria - removed third unique (mountain infantry)
    Changed Hussar to Lancer at 40 strength with flanking promo
    Coffee House to 10% production
  • Babylon - reduced scientist slots on Wall to 1 from 2
  • Byzantium - reduced upkeep on Basilica to 1, reduced its cost slightly also.
  • Carthage - removed free sailing tech - consider setting to give no warrior to start and/or a free promotion for naval units at sailing. Fixed AFE cost.
  • Egypt - reduced War Chariot to 16 ranged strength, 5 move, no horse, and desert power is powerful enough - Basin Irrigation to 2 upkeep as with regular Aqueduct (still gives substantial food bonuses on rivers/lakes/oasis)
  • England - replaced 30 XP for ships with +2 move ships and free combat promotion at an age of sail tech - increased Steam Mill to 15% equal to Factories.
  • India - set Indus Sanitation to 2 upkeep/40% food kept (default stats+happy bonus) - changed harbor +1 population to +1 population from lighthouse. Reduced vedi faith to +1 (gets instant faith).
  • Indonesia - removed +1 food from candi, reduced faith to +2 (bonus culture instant yield). Kris Swords gets +20% strength as intended (text error bug).
  • Japan - reduced Samurai to 28 strength, removed free production on Dojo (barracks doesn't get it anymore).
  • Korea - reduced science from farms to 1, buff specialists to +2 instead (synergy with farms, encourages taller playstyle than spamming farms wider)
  • Mongolia - set Keshik to 20/21 strength with decreased unit cost from Knight
    Removed free animal husbandry tech, added mounted +1 move. Keshik has no city penalty as in default too (Songhai have city bonus). Mounted units are -20% discounted on upkeep
  • Netherlands - set Trade Office as a unique harbor with bonuses to land and sea trade and a merchant slot.
  • Ottomans - fixed Barbary Port bug
  • Russia - set Cossack to 30/50 strength
  • Zulu - set upkeep reduced on melee units as well (-25%)
  • Iroquois - increased the Longhouse cost somewhat - Smith cost came down so it should cost about the same just less of a reduction than before.
  • Rome - replaced liburna with Forum - unique market with +1 happy and 10% production
  • Removed free horses in Byzantium and Greece starts. Greece Odeon gets +1 culture but still costs 2 upkeep (instant culture yield).
  • Huns - Battering Ram should be a melee class unit for access to promotions for defence or more city attack power.
  • Songhai - slightly increased cost of Mandeluku Cav
  • Spain - slightly decreased cost of Conquistadors and Tercio
  • Sweden - Folksola should properly appear sooner than Public Schools


Numerous changes to strengths.
Reduced the unit-cost scale
Adjusted the city-strength formula
Removed anti-city promotion from early ranged ships (frigate before it starts)
Set Airborne and XCom to soldier class
Removed unneeded airborne AI behavior references to infantry (bug?)
Swapped frigate/galleon to default BNW roles
Carrier added 3 range to AA intercept and AA bonus reduced -4 to 66
Dragoons upgrade to tanks, Chariots to knights
Arque upgrade to muskets, pikes to arques.
Medic promotion available to melee units
Fixed various promotion bugs.



  • removed +1 production on walls line, replaced as +10% production for buildings
  • moved +4 happy from piety to Republic


  • added +2 culture for garrisons (from honor) to Oligarchy
  • reduced surplus food bonus Landed Elite to 15%
  • reduced finisher GPP bonus to 25%
  • +2 food capital on opener
  • reduced capital food/pop to 1/5


  • Changed gladiators to instant free arenas instead of +1 happy on arenas
  • Changed Military Caste (garrison bonus) + production on barracks line (1-2-4), 50% production bonus to barracks line and 25% bonus XP
  • Changed finisher to free 15% strength promotion on melee units, 25% GG rate
  • Removed move on purchase
  • Removed garrison bonus effects (happy and culture)
  • Added +2/2 to citadel on discipline
  • Removed +1 happy on arena and barracks


  • Removed 4 happy
  • Added temple 100% production bonus to shrine bonus
  • Reduced faith cost reduction to -25% (33%)
  • Removed +1 happy on shrines


  • Removed production bonuses
  • Bumped gold bonus to 15%
  • Removed mercerary army effects - replaced as guilds (and mercantilism)
  • Added 25% to city connections (mercantile)
  • Moved coastal buildings and coastal cities picks to exploration
  • Moved +1 luxury happy to finisher (from exploration)
  • Moved -50% road costs to caravans (from exploration)
  • Added +3 to Customs Houses
  • Added +1 to Plantations
  • Added +2 to gold buildings (for now, will be +1 trade route)
  • Moved -20% purchase cost reduction to protectionism (from exploration)


  • Removed 10% reduction to other influence
  • Removed reveal CS locations.
    (needs to replace reveal all and 10% reduction with other effects, plus CSD effects)


  • Moved luxury happy to commerce (finisher)
  • Moved purchase cost to commerce (mercantile)
  • Moved road upkeep to commerce (pioneers)
  • Moved building upkeep to order (mercantile)
  • Moved coastal city +4 production and coastal building +4 gold to mercantile infrastructure (moved back to exploration) - reduced gold to +2
  • Replaced Homestead act as 100% bonus to some buildings and +1 yield on them, no more free buildings (granary, smith, caravan, stable are the relevant buildings)
  • Added +1 camp gold to Pioneers, +1 food to lighthouse and harbor also
  • Added 15% naval unit production to finisher, free 15% strength to surface navy ships, +1 move on opener promotion restored
  • Added prerequisites for colonization


  • +4 science on national wonders on opener
  • +1 happy from national wonders instead of counter-intelligence (all espionage effects moved to ideologies)
  • Replaced +2 science on lighthouse with +15% on university
  • Reduced Secularism to +2 science from specialists (default)
  • Added +3 Academy, 25% faster GS, free GE, to the RA policy


  • Replaced +1 happy from water mill with +1 to aqueduct
  • Avant Garde - GPP rate to 75%
  • Volunteer Army - adjusted FL unit strength to new infantry strength values (40, costs -25% less also)
  • Universal HC - replaced as ~+2x yield to Heidelberg, Nat College, East India, Hermitage
  • New Deal buffed to +6 CH and Academy yield (+9 to Landmark), probably needs a Natural Wonder tie-in style.
  • Replaced Economic Union with +1 to farms/pastures and 10% gold from airports and hotels
  • Moved the + gold from routes to treaty organisation (buffed to +5)
  • Creative Expression added +4 gold from guilds and broadcast towers


  • Hero of People - gives GP of choice
  • 5 year plan +1 production to mines/quarries/wells/mills/work boats
  • Party Leadership - replaced as +15% production, moved to resettlement
  • Resettlement +1 all yields to cities + -20% upkeep on buildings
  • Worker faculties added power plant production speed 100%
  • Universal HC - increase manufactory +6, increase Iron Works 2x +1 happy on hospital/med lab


  • Add bonus healing promotion to Elite Forces (10) add bonus +15 XP to airports for air units
  • Industrial espionage Add "counter-intelligence" effects (+1 happy on constable/police, bonus to speed)
  • UHC - change to bonus to Hero Epic, Circus
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@Thalassicus Thalassicus released this Jul 6, 2014 · 4 commits to new-features since this release


  • Updated leader personalities and priorities to improve AI choices.
  • Increased priority of these items: Courthouse, Granary, Theatre.


  • Lancers and Dragoons now match their real-life counterparts more closely. [Details]
  • Increased skirmish unit cost and range damage, and reduced melee damage.
  • Unpromoted ranged units are slightly more vulnerable on defense, but gain more benefit from promotions.

Bug fixes

  • Philantropy text fixed when CSD is used
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@Thalassicus Thalassicus released this Jul 7, 2014 · 51 commits to new-features since this release

This update balances policies based on feedback in the Strongest and Weakest Policies thread. Several weak policies are stronger, and some strong policies are weaker. We also improved the least-favorite 25% of leaders from the leader polls (originals and extras).

I'm going to leave this on github over the weekend, then upload it to steam once we're sure there's no critical issues.

~ Installation Guide ~



  • Replaced Ceremonial Rites (free culture buildings) with Mentors (science bonus).
  • Landed Elite: increased growth bonus.
  • Monarchy: New effect gives several specialist slots in the capital.


  • Citizenship: gives only 1 free worker (was 2).


  • Spoils of War: increased gold from combat.
  • Military Caste: 3 units cost no maintenance (in addition to garrison bonuses).
  • Gladiators: gives 2 defense units (in addition to arena bonus).
  • Professional Army: Helps produce all military units, not just melee.
  • Discipline: Improves strength of all military units, not just melee.
  • Finisher: Purchased units can move immediately (in addition to barracks bonus).


  • Opener: increased faith bonus, reduced happiness bonus.
  • Unity: increased happiness bonus.
  • Meditation: increased faith cost bonus.
  • Charity: gives some flat gold (in addition to the percent bonus).
  • Finisher: removed holy site bonus.


  • Cultural Diplomacy: also increases overall great person rate 10%.


  • Flourishing of Arts: also speeds production of archaeologists (in addition to culture bonus).
  • Ethics: increased tourism bonuses.


  • Opener: reduced gold and production bonuses per city.
  • Caravans: increased gold per trade route.
  • Protectionism:
  • Maritime Infrastructure: increased production and gold for coastal cities.


  • Pioneer Spirit now improves workers and city connections.
  • Colonization now helps settle cities.


  • Counterintelligence: also speeds production of espionage buildings.
  • Secularism: increased science bonus from specialists.


  • Iroquois: -50% cost Longhouse.
  • Siam: More culture from Wat.
  • Indonesia: Candi replaces Temple (was Garden).
  • Indonesia: +20% strength Kris Swordsman.
  • Inca: Terrace Farm requires no technology.
  • Inca: Slinger has same base strength as an Archer (was 20% weaker) and ignores terrain costs.
  • France: Gain a free cultural Great Person from each culture building constructed in Paris.
  • France: +25% strength Musketeer.
  • Songhai: Mud Pyramid Mosque replaces Shrine (was Temple).
  • Huns: 50% land unit maintenance (was 75%).
  • Ottomans: Double income from Tribute (internal trade routes).
  • Ottomans: Barbary Port replaces Lighthouse (was Harbor).
  • Brazil: Brazilwood Camps give 2 gold 1 culture (was 2 and 1).
  • Brazil: 200% cultural great person rate in golden ages (was 150%).
  • Ethiopia: 50% great person rate from alliances (was 10%).

Other Changes


  • Increase AIFreeXPPercent to help successful military AIs. 8567831


  • Civilized territory is invulnerable to barbarians for 25% longer (100 turns on Prince, was 80). This setting can now be easily changed in the CEG_Options file.


  • Increase income from connecting cities of less than 10 population. 754a472
  • Land trade income is now approximately equal to sea trade income (but still less range and can't cross water). 754a472
  • Reduce cost of courthouse to make conquest more appealing. 754a472
  • Reduce puppet science and culture penalties. 754a472
  • Increase odds of science building destruction upon city capture. 754a472


  • Doubled effectiveness of spy and diplomat missions.


  • Feed The World belief now gives two food from buildings


  • Visually rearrange the Piety tree to bring more attention to under-used policies. c81364d
  • Discipline effect no longer shows over units. (since all units in the army get the identical effect) 118fb93
  • Top Panel should now have several new features (from GEM).


  • Increase rewards from Research Agreements. f141513
  • Archery now a prerequisite for The Wheel instead of a prerequisite for Mathematics.


  • Great Improvements connect resources for trade. 8567831


  • Puppet cities show the "Annex" button in the city view.
  • Axmen, Arquebusiers, and Landsknechts can upgrade.
  • Sistine Chapel should now correctly grant culture boosts.
  • Hagia Sophia should now correctly grant faith from specialists.
  • Wat Phra Kaew should now correctly grant +10% modifiers to shrines/temples.
  • Stele shoulud now correctly grant +1 faith per population.
  • Churches of Lalibela now grants a Missionary with 3 spreads
  • Allotment Trait should now spawn all appropriate land and air units.
  • Arabia should now display the correct text for its unique trait.
  • Zulu trait text should now state that vanguard units have a -50% maintenance cost
  • City View and Top Panel should be synced up with the reactivated YieldLibrary.
  • Disabled ingame restart button (was causing caching bugs).
  • CEP now automatically checks if CSD is used (entry from CAT options file removed)
  • Should now be compatible with the non-DLL versions of the City State Diplomacy (CSD) mod.
  • Improved compatibility with WHoward's DLL mod.
  • Heal on promotion now occurs on button click (instead of end of turn)
  • Many more small bug fixes too numerous to list here. See Milestone 1.16 if you want to see them all.
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@GrantSP GrantSP released this Mar 13, 2014

See the following for the changelog: #193

Why the change?

With this release we bring the localized text into being a fully functioned option, not subject to obscure checking methods.

Each language in Civ V has its own database table, German = Language_DE_DE, Spanish = Language_ES_ES etc.
Previously we had all text files loaded into one database and then checked a date tag to see which language was the latest and gave that one to the user for display.
The logic behind this was to provide accurate information even if it was in an unfamiliar language.
That was the logic.

After the release of the so-called "Fall patch" the core files from Firaxis broke the code used to implement this and we have had to re-tune our code to adjust.
This is the result.

What has changed?

  • CAT_Start.sql now sets up the LoadedFile table with a column for each language. When the UPDATE LoadedFile SET command is run it also checks which language the file is for and adds it as loaded into this table. Allowing for better error-checking.
  • CAT_AlterTables.sql has the redundant CEP_Language_ tables removed.
  • Core text files now have a unified sql command to insert them into the appropriate language table.
  • Over 20 text files for each language (10 including English).
  • Instructions on how to update the translations if needed.

Things to look out for.

Whilst every effort was made to ensure as accurate a translation as possible, the actual Google translation routine still had trouble handling certain things. These might slip through the hand edit done in the text editor.

  • Variables in the format [ICON_SOMEWORD] don't always get handled well in some languages, notably French & Chinese
  • Likewise those in the format {1_num} and similar
  • Especially is this true when multiple variables are in sequence such as [ICON_GOLD]{1_num}{2_value}[COLOR_RED]
  • Leading symbols such as "+" or "-" aren't showing in some languages. This may be because those languages usually don't display them this way. Native speakers would do well to make note of this and advise us.
    The formula in the spreadsheets has now stripped out the trailing text from the foreign versions. In each language text these variables now only are in the format: {1}. The "_num" is not actually recognized by the game code, only the number.

If you make edits manually to the TXT_KEYs make note of these for checking.

This release incorporates all the edits made to the New Features branch over the last few months.
It is however not an Official stable release and may have some issues.

As it makes drastic changes to the existing tables it should not be used with saved games.

Minor Update
One or two non-critical changes to the mod.
Fixed some file loading errors and included a couple of orphaned changes from the Stable branch.

Trade-route gold fix
YieldLibrary.lua change to address the trade gold issue.

Assets 3

@stackpoint stackpoint released this Feb 6, 2014 · 291 commits to stable since this release


  • Conquistador no longer dies after religious spreads are used up.
  • Anti-tank gun and Marine removed from Future Tech (and the tech tree).
  • Scouts should now correctly obsolete at Metal Casting.
  • Allotment promotion should now have a description (+10% strength / -100% cost to upgrade).


  • Bismark should now receive their 3 extra World Congress votes.


  • Meritocracy should no longer grant happiness.
  • Artistic Genius should now grant +25% bonus to Great (Cultural) People.
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@GrantSP GrantSP released this Jan 26, 2014 · 335 commits to stable since this release

This is a stable release including all the commits from the last month as well as the additions from the 'new release' branch.


  • Ranged Blitz help text should now correctly indicate 90% ranged damage.
  • Barbarians killed in city state territory should now correctly read 15 influence.
  • Units with the Blitz and the Can Move after Attacking Promotions should now have more than 1 movement points after attacking.
  • Upgrade costs should now be 200% of production costs.
  • Walls should now have a 25% chance to remain in cities.
  • Resource requirements should now be removed from Gatling Guns and Machine Guns.
  • Scouts now obsolete at Pikemen (Metal Casting).
  • Phalanx Promotion should now correctly gain +50% vs Soldier Units


  • Candi grants +1 Food like the Garden
  • Golden ages no longer grant +1 gold on gold tiles


  • Divine Inspiration should now generate tourism for all wonders.


  • Babylon Trait should now correctly state that 1 Great Scientist is generated at Writing.
  • Korean Trait should not be giving bonus production/science from specialists.


  • Ceremonial Rites should now +1 culture to cultural buildings
  • Mercenary Army should now spawn Landsknechts.
  • Tradition Opener now unlocks Banaue Rice Terraces.


  • Feed The World now gives +2 food from their buildings.


  • Farms on jungles now require the prerequisite tech to remove jungles


  • City-State Diplomacy Mod (v14 - v15) should be compatible with CEP. Set the USING_CSD option in CAT\Cat_Options.sql.
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@Thalassicus Thalassicus released this Jan 8, 2014 · 376 commits to new-features since this release

This update improves army and research balance, among other changes.


  • AI units start with less experience.
  • Non-barbarian AIs are more likely to target trade routes. Discuss


  • Returned upgrade costs to 200% of production difference (unmodded amount). Discuss
  • Increased city strength from population to +1 strength per 3 citizens (was 1 per 4). Discuss
  • Swapped the roles of the Gatling Gun line with the Musket line.
  • Removed the resource requirements from Gatling Guns and Machine Guns.
  • Increased vanguard unit costs. Discuss
  • Added a defense bonus to automatics and vanguards.
  • Moved Destroyer & M. Destroyer cost reductions to Submarine and M. Submarine.
  • Walls have a 25% chance to remain in cities (was 0%). Discuss
  • +3% health from defense buildings. Discuss


  • Caravans cost less and gain more 2 gold from Caravansaries. Discuss
  • Cargo Ships appear earlier at lower cost, but gain 1 less gold from harbors. Discuss
  • Reduced the Temple faith bonus from religious resources, and moved the bonus to Shrines. Discuss
  • Increased the Theater culture bonus from costume resources. Discuss


  • The cost to purchase things with faith in cities no longer rises as the game progresses. (Great Prophets are unchanged, since we do not purchase them in cities.) Discuss


  • Moved village and mine river bonuses to the same tech column as the farm river bonus.
  • Delayed 1 village gold to Currency.
  • Moved the Workshop to Metal Casting, and removed its engineer slot.
  • Rearranged bonuses and techs in the seafaring tech line.
    • Cargo Ships and Lighthouses returned to their original positions.
    • Compass combined with Carvel Hulls.
    • Astronomy improves sea trade route distance.


  • Reduced the rate of stories to 1 per 33 turns (was 1 per 25 turns). Discuss
  • Reduced the yield from all yield-boosting stories by 25%. Discuss
  • Raised the cost of the Barbarian Mercenary options 50%. Discuss

Bug Fixes

  • Captured cities should always reset to 50% health now.
  • Fixed some unit name text bugs.
  • The windmill-type building should require flat land again, like the unmodded game. Discuss
  • Spanish Conquistador should work as intended now. It can spread religion to 2 cities like a missionary, then becomes incapable of spreading religion further, while remaining alive. It should not take religious-strength damage while in enemy territory.
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@Thalassicus Thalassicus released this Jan 6, 2014 · 390 commits to stable since this release


  • Capturing citystates should give a yield bonus as intended.
  • Ethiopian Stele should properly give faith per population.
  • Ottoman Barbary Port should give the ship-stealing promotion.
  • Swedish and English traits should match their descriptions.
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@Thalassicus Thalassicus released this Dec 31, 2013 · 399 commits to stable since this release


  • Reduced the Temple faith bonus from religious resources, and moved the bonus to Shrines.


  • Barbarian Axmen now have an independent "Axman" unit class (like the Barbarian Galley), so they should no longer be affected by changes to Chariots.
  • Fixed several mismatches between individually-adjusted costs and global cost modifiers.
  • Fixed a unit name text bug.
  • The Ottoman trait should work correctly now. It should create (5 + 2*era) gold in destination cities of internal trade routes by stacking a placeholder "Tribute" building in the target city.
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@Thalassicus Thalassicus released this Dec 28, 2013 · 404 commits to stable since this release

This update reactivates the promotion icon feature from Civup, and fixes several bugs.


  • Icons show important unit promotions over unit flags on the main map.


  • Fixed duplicate CES_Stories.xml
  • Barbarian camps should appear.
  • Land Grab story should work.
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