My own RepRap Mendel redesign
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TVRRUG Prusa Mendel

These are the files for the TVRRUG version of the Prusa Mendel

Please read before attempting to build this.

Imported stuff:
Frame vertices are based on Viks and Tonokips ones
Extruder by Wade
Parametric Involute Bevel and Spur Gears by GregFrost
Belt pulley is by droftarts
Most of the rest from Josef Prusa

To print:

6x frame-vertex-without-foot or 2x -without-foot and 4x -with-foot
4x coupling
3x endstop-holder
1x x-carriage
1x x-end-idler
1x x-end-motor
2x z-motor-mount
4x belt-clamp
8x bar-clamp
2x rod-clamp
2x 9-tooth-pulley-TVRRUG
1x herringbone-wadebits (11 tooth drive gear and 45 tooth gear)
4x SpringSeat (extruder spring retainer)
1x wade (extruder block)
4x spring
1x y-idler
1x y-motor-bracket
2x zizolator