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This is a modification of the spanish (es) keyboard layout for a more faster and accessible work

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Thanatermesis keyboard layout

DEPRECATED PROJECT, it is moved to:


This layout is a brainstorm of how the typing could be improved specially for programmer users, it features multiple things like less 'wrong keys typed', faster typing of special keys, and a more intuitive layout, it should improve a lot the typing of any programmer with a minor impact on the 're-learning process' because its meant to not modify the original layout (whenever is possible), but improve it with more alternative keys

Focus goals:
  • include a better combination of keys more fast to type for common programming languages
  • better access to common programming languages instead to fail it and lose time pressing the delete key
  • it doesn't change your default layout, so you don't need to learn a new layout (only since the version 6)
  • very easy to remember the location of the new characters

Update: Since version 7 it actually supports other distribution of keyboard instead of only spanish, but needs to be verified/added in the script

How the distribution is made

This image talks by itself:
  • Mode 3 is equivalent to the AltGr key,
  • Mode 2 is a modifier key, it is used for replace the useless Ñ key, which can still reachable with the combination a of a Mode2 + N, this is a very handy (near and fast) key that merits a better usage :)
  • You can combine the modes with the Shift key, which result in another combination (like in the key G) or in a Shifted character (like the Ñ ).
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