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Static Website Base

This repository is my personal standard base for any static website. It can and will be modified to suit a particular project.

Getting Started

  1. Fork or clone this repository.
  2. In the repository directory, run npm install.
  3. Run the gulp script to build the CSS and Javascript files.

Asset Directories

Directory Description
/assets/source/scss/ Location of all .scss files. SCSS files are divided into base/, layout/, and component/ directories. The Gulp script will compile the files, as they are listed in styles.scss and minify the compiled result.
/assets/source/js/ Location of all Javascript files. Javascript files are divided into base/ and component/ directories. Reusable code goes into the base/ directory. The Gulp script will compile, minify, and concatenate all files (along with jQuery, from npm) into a single scripts.min.js file. You will need to update gulpfile.js as you add additional JS files.
/assets/build/css/ Location of the compiled CSS file, styles.min.css.
/assets/build/js/ Location of the compiled Javascript file, scripts.min.js.
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