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Unity 3D Utility Kit

This project provides a few useful scripts for use with the game engine Unity. Some of the samples are my own work and others are collected from public forums and blogs if I think the code is useful.

Property Attributes

These are Inspector tags that change the behaviour of properties in the inspector.

  • ToolTips that work for nearly all Unity property types.
  • ToolBox that adds a description in the inspector panel.
  • Int Ranges that add a slider to both integers and floats using whole number steps.
  • Divider that draws a line across the inspector pane and optionally adds a heading
  • Scene name list that shows the scenes included in the build settings.

There are others too.


I'll add more stuff as I code things that may be useful.


There is a licence file included with the documentation containing the legal stuff but in summary, use it for whatever you want but you can't blame me if it does not work.



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