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An application to meetup with friends at a closest common location. The application takes the location of the users and finds the midpoint between them. Based on that midpoint location, meetup points will be recommended (bar, resturant, local attraction ect.). Google maps will be used to show each user's location and to find places to meet based on the midpoint location.


  1. Decide on a name other than MeetUp
  2. Begin a basic Wireframe concept
  3. Begin Psuedo coding the logic and backend of the application
  4. Create basic HTML Markup
  5. Create first round JavaScript Logic
  6. Add real-time chat functionality

Demo Directions

To view the working demo and all of the functionality, it is best if you open this project on two devices or two tabs in a web browser. Create a meet up, enter the name of the meet up and the number of users you would like to include (for demo purposes two users works fine). After the create meet up form is submitted, enter your name and location - NOTE please try to be as specific as possible when entering in a location. After the user information form is submitted you will enter the meet up you just created. At the top of the application under Lets Meet: {Meet up name}, there is a alphanumeric hash that is the sitekey for your specific meet up. Copy this sitekey and navigate to your other device or tab. Second User/Tab/Device. In the second tab/device, make sure you have the sitekey of the meet up you want to join. Paste you sitkey in the Join existing meet up form. You will prompted to enter name and location (Again be as specific as possible). Once all users have joined the application will execute, it will find the midpoint between all of the users and return places to meet (bar, resturant, local attraction ect.). Be sure to take notice of the real-time chat that is available before and after all users have joined.

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