Firefox Addon: Allows quick enable and disable of Java, Javascript, Cookies, Image Animations, Flash, Silverlight, Images, Stylesheets and Proxy from the Statusbar and/or Toolbar.
JavaScript CSS


//By Doug G.
//Allows quick enable and disable of Java, Javascript, Cookies, Image Animations, Flash, Silverlight, Images, Stylesheets and Proxy
//from the Add-on bar and/or Toolbar.
//Version History
//Version 2.1.0 Add WebGL (thanks ccrtnsp) and WebRTC support. Move preferences to extensions branch. Fix CSS toggle bugs. Fix Options 'Reset' buttons bug. Fix install/new version popup. Add jp locale (thanks to Hideki!) Also thanks to Gitoffthelawn, Compyooter, staudenmeir, and jimbo1qaz for bug reports and communication.
//Version 2.0.8 Add error handling due to CSS method sometimes throwing an exception, have not figured out what causes this yet
//Version 2.0.7 Changed how the stylesheets are being read due to change in FF44
//Version 2.0.6 Fixed a bug when customizing some toolbars, thanks to Quicksaver (the developer of the Puzzle Toolbar addon) for the code
//Version 2.0.5 Fixed a bug when toggling CSS
//Version 2.0.4 Fixed a bug when using the dropdown of the QJ Favorites to toggle settings
//Version 2.0.3 Fixed a bug causing issues with other addons.
//Version 2.0.2 Major update!  Favorite toolbar button added (auto-install for new users or 1.8.0 and below).  Middle click only toggles visible status bar values.  Customizable startup options.  Update icons after customization.
//Version ClickToPlay as an option (hidden) for Enabled state
//Version 1.8.1 Update to work with FF23 and above, fix button spacing and skinning (provided by anonymous user), Slight change to look of icons to modernize (provided by Dave).
//Version 1.8.0 Back to Red buttons, a few minor bug fixes and added links on Options page.  Thanks again to Dave for more help.
//Version 1.7.9 Dave Delisle has fixed the size of the buttons for those not using large icons
//Version 1.7.8 Fix more style issues including more updates by Dave Delisle, also fixed Cookie button
//Version 1.7.7 Fix some style issues
//Version 1.7.6 Fix FF13+ CSS by John Grimes and Style updates, Cookies and Animated Images by Dave Delisle
//version 1.7.5 Fix statusbar hidden icon visuals
//version 1.7.4 Fix Silverlight Toolbar button
//version 1.7.3 Add Proxy button and support for other Java plugins
//version 1.7.2 Add CSS button
//version 1.7.1 Fix bug for Linux machines (case sensitive file names!)
//version 1.7 Fix tooltips and toolbar icons
//version 1.6 Code improvements.  Add a 'major' version number.
//version 0.6 Add Flash and Silverlight, Options screen, Toolbar buttons and New images inspired by BeaverXI
//version 0.5 Changes: updated for FF3.6 support by xxhatred
//Version 0.4.2 Changes: Updated installer for 1.5-3.0a1, fixed memory leak bug.
//Version 0.4.1 Changes: Updated Installer for FF1.5 support
//Version 0.4 Changes: Added middle click support
//Version 0.3 Changes: Added preference monitor service.
//Version 0.2 Changes: Updated graphics
//Version 0.1 Original Version