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4NXCI is a tool for converting XCI(NX Card Image) files to NSP

4NXCI is based on hactool by SciresM
Thanks: SciresM, Rajkosto, Switch Brew
Thanks TehPsychedelic for working on 4NXCI-GUI


You should load your keyset file with -k or --keyset option followed by a path to it or place your keyset file with "keys.dat" filename in the same folder as 4NXCI
Required keys are:

Key Name Description
header_key NCA Header Key
key_area_key_application_xx Application key area encryption keys

By defaullt, Created NSP files are located in the same folder as 4NXCI with 'titleid.nsp' filename
You can change output directory with -o, --outdir option and use titlename for filenames with -r, --rename option
4NXCI creates "4nxci_extracted_xci" folder as a temp directory, It deletes the directory content before and after conversion
If you use -t, --tempdir option to choose a temporary directory, Make sure it's an empty directory and it's not the same as output directory otherwise 4NXCI deletes it

*nix: ./4nxci [options...] <path_to_file.xci>  
Windows: .\4nxci.exe [options...] <path_to_file.xci>  
-k, --keyset             Set keyset filepath, default filepath is ./keys.dat  
-h, --help               Display usage  
-t, --tempdir            Set temporary directory path  
-o, --outdir             Set output directory path  
-r, --rename             Use Titlename instead of Titleid in nsp name  
--keepncaid              Keep current ncas ids  


This software is licensed under the terms of the ISC License.
You can find a copy of the license in the LICENSE file.