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Adding Additional AWS Pen Testing References

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* [Penetration Testing in Google Cloud Platform](
* [Google Cloud Security Center](

# Kali in AWS
## Additional AWS Pen Testing References
- [PENETRATION TESTING AWS STORAGE: KICKING THE S3 BUCKET]( - Written by Dwight Hohnstein from [Rhino Security Labs](
- [AWS PENETRATION TESTING PART 1. S3 BUCKETS]( - Written by [@VirtueSecurity](
- [AWS PENETRATION TESTING PART 2. S3, IAM, EC2]( - Written by [@VirtueSecurity](

## Kali in AWS
Kali Linux is already available at Amazon's AWS marketplace at:

Important note from Amazon:

Once your instance is running, connect to it with your SSH private key using the "ec2-user" account. Don't forget to update your Kali instance to get the latest packages and bug fixes. Type as root (or sudo): apt update && apt dist-upgrade.

If you are performing penetration testing, please refer to the AWS Testing Request for more information.

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