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An app that spools up a web server and creates a qr code to link to the server to download a file
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What is it?

Scan send is written in VB.NET, and utilises .NET 4.0 and a python3 library for http.server, it generates a QR code based on any file you drag into it, then when you scan it, your device downloads said file.

How it works

Firstly the file is either opened with an OpenFileDialog or by dragging the file into the window.

Then the path gets split into the path of the file, and the filename itself.

After this a link is made of the current computers name, followed by the file name, in the format of a weblink.

This link is sent to the google chart api which generates a QR code which is then showed in the PictureBox.

Then the software starts a webserver via the python3 http.server library, with the root folder being the folder the selected file is in.

The user scans the QR code, which opens a link to the file hosted on the temporary http server.

Finally, once the user confirms the file has been downloaded, the webserver is closed and the software is ready to be used again.

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