The Nexo Network

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Why do we have The Nexo Network?

Nexo allows you to find work that fit your skills and passion, in projects that matter to the community and world while making a great living. Your live can change within a year and you change your community and your happiness while becoming less dependant on external resources.

Why should I join?

You pay with work you don’t like, for rent or mortgage of a home without owning it with electricity that gets more expensive every year, drive to work by a car that is on a loan spend lots of time away from your family because of this work (that in essence is not contributing anything to the world but hurting the environment) so you can pay for it all and with the remaining money you pay for food that has been flown from the other half of the world or has been created from soy or corn and is not healthy to you or your children… the remaining time you invest in educating your children since schools do a poor job, grow your relationship with your partner and if, if you have some extra time you spend it on making your community a better place but even there you don’t really know your neighbour and he seems to hardly aligned with your values.

What will Nexo do?

Well to be clear Nexo is what you make of it, since your vote and ideas swing it into a direction. But see here what I think could be possible steps to get there.

Nexo will provide open source organizational templates and documents of formation for quick incorporation of a local network in your city (in Mexico). It allows for the creation of a network of people and companies in a sustainable way that allows each member to make the transition from their current situation to a more fulfilling live, without forcing anyone in a one-size-fits-all model.

The Nexo Network Structure

Nexo Development Fund helps its members setup social enterprises that bring positive change to their community. The key role is document and grow the network with its core values to make the community a better place.

It's members pay 800 pesos a year and have one vote each. All decisions are made by consensus (this means all of the members have to agree) and divide their own contributions over new projects and existing social enterprises as they please, using a tool called co.Budget. All that money flow is transparent to its members.

These social enterprises are part of Nexo Ventures and each company is run in with the same structure and process as the Nexo Development Fund, one vote a person, decisions by consensus and agree to donate 20% of their revenue to Nexo Development Fund and since each member of the social enterprises has voting power in the Nexo Development Fund they decide where their 20% contribution is invested using co.Budget.

Projects that are their to help the Development Fund and Ventures operate better. These projects are called Nexo Services and its services are available to the members, contributors and companies inside and outside the network.

What type of companies are in The Nexo Network?

The Nexo Network is the combination of three organizations so the organisational structure looks like the following.

  • Nexo Development Fund
  • Nexo Services
  • Nexo Ventures

Nexo Services contains:

Nexo Ventures contains:

Nexo Transparency & Money Flows

Money can flow inside the organization by internal transfer using the personal my.Account, that is connected to the co.Budget system where members decide on how they want to distribute their 20% contributions over the projects and organizations and where to transfer the remaining 80% using either an internal wire to another service or project (basically paying for services inside The Nexo Network) or paying themselves directly the the bank account via the Nexo Accounting services that help with payroll and taxes.

Money flows into The Nexo Network goes in using a central invoicing and billing system that accepts my.Account internal transfers, Time (TimeBank) or the national currency MXN. Thanks to the help of Nexo Accounting this money flow is managed and monitored. Money flows out using invoices that third parties send or payroll on the contracts of each member as they agreed within their own project on how they divide the money and redraw it from my.Account to their national bank accounts after paying the corresponding taxes.

my.Accounts can be used internally by members only and the companies in the network to pay for goods and services inside the network.

Other ways to support the Network with time or money are:

  • Nexo Contributors that pay 800 pesos a year (decide where their money is spend using their co-budgeting app co.Budget) and get one vote. Contributors can become members when they actively participate in the mission of the Network and join on the member retreats (every 6 months) and get approval (by consensus) of each other member in the Development Fund.
  • Nexo Friends are all the stakeholders that give us the ability to operate in this environment and wish us well.
  • Nexo Ventures don't need to use the name Nexo but can instead mention that their membership the network by adding “part of Nexo ”. New companies are welcome to join the network when their voting and employee structure is equal to the cooperative structure of the Nexo companies.

Nexo Development Fund has to use the money that comes in with 6 months of the entry of the money on co.Budget since it's not a bank, but strive to activation of money towards better local community.

How to find inspiring and meaningful work inside Nexo?

The Nexo Network, it’s affiliated companies and members do not provide jobs, visaa and work documents for non-residents, don't accept bribes and only invoices using the official rules and regulations set out by the government of incorporation location. They actually don’t have jobs in the traditional sense. Helps shape new projects of your liking and take a seat in these projects and get funding from the Nexo Development Fund as seed capital and you are off. You can also join a Nexo Service company that fits your skills and see if the team needs a hand and has budget to share with you.

Nexo Development Fund will help its members find inspiring work in projects that they themselves initiate and promote to in a way crowdfund their initiative asking other members and contributors to use their contributions in co-budgeting using time and money. A warm environment where members and contributors strive that each project and person uses their best assets to make change happen and make projects successful so they in their turn contribute their revenue for the benefit of new projects and members.

Nexo Networks exist and have a big impact on the community and world since all they create is well documented open sources goods that are delivered by people that care about the product and the community.

Interested in joining Nexo Playa? Contact

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