The old Atari Tanks game
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The old Atari Tanks game


  • run the executable jar file
  • or... compile:
  • 1:
  • 2:
  • 3:
  • then... either:
  • run the html
  • or... run the java program (java AtariTanks)


  • Red Move: WASD keys
  • Blue Move: Arrow keys
  • Red Shoot: Shift key
  • Blue Shoot: Ctrl key
  • New Game: 'r'
  • Resize: Drag to resize the frame and then type 'c' to change (or start a new game)


  • Important Note: Avoid holding down keys when moving, because then your opponent might not be able to play. Simply click many times
  • Shooting: Once the bullet is in the air, use the arrow keys to move the bullet as you would the tank
  • Impact: Upon collision, you are pushed back and spun. If hit strongly enough, you might break through a wall and come back from the oppositve side of the map.
  • Bouncy Walls: The bullets may or may not bounce of the wall in each game
  • Capture the Flag: If there is a light-green squigle/s in the board, you gain points instead by the number of seconds in which you are on the squigle (they change color when you are on them)

Making New Maps

  • Go to the code to line 58, and set 'editLevels' to true
  • Run the program
  • Left click to place/remove solid walls (dragging works)
  • Right click to place/remove breakable walls (dragging works)
  • Middle click to place/remove hills for king of the hills
  • Press 'p' when done to save file
  • Your map will now randomly be chosen when playing maps