A program that makes mazes and can save them as png images
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Maze Generator



This can now also be found online!


A program that makes playable mazes and can save them as png images

    1. Download program files or jar
    1. for jar, execute (double click, or java -jar Maze.jar)
    1. for program files, compile (javac Maze.java)
    1. run using the html or execute from command prompt (java Maze)

Note: If you want to change the blocksize of the maze, include that in the parameters, eg: (java Maze 20) (Default is 10 pixels)


  • Create new Maze: Shift-Click on Maze (time outputs how long it took to make)
  • Animated Creation: Click on A-n and then Shift-Click on Maze (will freeze for a while, and then will either run into a stack overflow error or will start showing the animation) (test on larger wall sizes first)
  • Solve Maze (by clicking): Click or drag on the maze to create a single blue line connect the yellow square and the red square. There must be only one path
  • Solve Maze (by moving): Hit Space (the timer should go off) and then move the yellow square with the arrow keys, trying to get to the red square
  • See Solution: Ctrl-Click on the Maze to highlight the solution for the maze
  • Play Againt The AI: Click on AI and then hit space to start the game. Move the yellow square to the red square using the arrow key. Note: The AI uses the solution
  • Increase / Decrease Blocksize: Hit '-' or '+' and then generate a new maze to see the change
  • Hide/Reveal Top Menu: Hit 'z' to remove/bring back the top menu so you can only see the maze
  • Save Maze as PNG: (including the solution if it is visible) press 'p' or 'P'

Special Mazes

-- To see the effects of each one of these you must generate a new maze manually

  • Normal Maze: 'n' or 'N'
  • CheckerBoard: 'c' or 'C'
  • Vertical: 'v' or 'V'
  • Horizontal: 'h' or 'H'
  • Inward-X: 'x' or 'X'
  • Squares: 's' or 'S'
  • Awkward Circle: 'a' or 'A' (Original Creation)