A GUI For the Well-Known Game of Pentago
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A GUI For the Well-Known Game of Pentago


  • either run the executable jar file
  • or... compile the java files (javac *.java)
  • run Pentago.java (java Pentago)
  • This game is auto-resizable. Stretch or shrink the screen whenever you wish!

Rule Differences

  • I coded this using Ofek's Rules for Pentago which I play with at home, so forgive me if they are different than what you are used to
  • Difference 1: You are not required to rotate the board on your turn
  • Difference 2: You are not allowed to rotate something the opposite direction of what your opponent did last turn. This is to prevent loops

Button Overview

  • Vanish Button: Does not display arrows that aren't editable
  • Replay Button: Shows an Animation of any action a player did in the game (placed a piece, turned the board) to 'replay' the game
  • New Game: What it says on the tin
  • Next: Ends your turn (You can also just hit 'Enter' on your keyboard)
  • Undo/Redo: Self-Explainable