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LEF/DEF/Rsyn-based port of Iowa State's open-source FastRoute 4.1
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FastRoute4-lefdef is an open-source global router.

The algorithm base is from FastRoute4.1, and the underlying infrastructure comes from Rsyn

The FastRoute4.1 version was received from on June 15, 2019, with the BSD-3 open source license as given in the FastRoute website.

Rsyn version is based on commit 1087c918e4fa14db84fc3b4c91210db96b07bb4c and released under Apache License, Version 2.0 as given in its repository.

Any third party code such as Rsyn will clearly specify its license in each file and in this README. We ask contributors to seriously consider using the BSD-3 Licence.

Getting Started


  • GCC compiler
  • boost library
  • cmake3.1

How to Compile

git clone --recursive
cd FastRoute4-lefdef/
make PARALLEL=nthreads

NOTE: use PARALLEL=nthreads instead of -j nthreads

Basic Usage

Your command line to run FastRoute4-lefdef should look like this:

./FRlefdef --no-gui --script /path/to/script.rsyn

You can find a script example in third_party/rsyn/support/fastroute/example.rsyn

Script details

The basic format of a script to run FastRoute is shown below:

open "generic" {
	"lefFiles" : "example.lef",
	"defFiles" : "example.def"
run "rsyn.fastRoute" {"outfile" : "", "adjustment" : 0.X, "maxRoutingLayer" : Y};

FastRoute has three main parameters. These are:

  • outfile: name of the file with the generated guides
  • adjustment: percentage reduction in capacity of each edge in the global routing gridgraph
  • maxRoutingLayer: maximum (i.e., highest) routing layer available for FastRoute to use

If you need more than one LEF/DEF file, you can script for this case as:

open "generic" {
	"lefFiles" : ["example1.lef", "example2.lef", ..., "exampleN.lef"],
	"defFiles" : ["example1.def", "example2.def", ..., "exampleN.def"]
run "rsyn.fastRoute" {"outfile" : "", "adjustment" : 0.X, "maxRoutingLayer" : Y};

You can use either the absolute path or the relative path (relative to the script file) for LEF/DEF files.

Copyright (c) 2019, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) All rights reserved.

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