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UCSD Detailed Router
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TritonRoute is an open source detailed router for modern industrial designs. The router consists of several main building blocks, including track assignment, initial detailed routing, search and repair, and a DRC engine. The initial development of the router is inspired by the ISPD-2018 initial detailed routing contest. However, the current framework differs and is built from scratch, aiming for an industrial-oriented scalable and flexible flow. Currently, the router only has a limited support of block-level designs with standard cells and macros for CLN65LP.

TritonRoute was developed by graduate students Lutong Wang and Bangqi Xu from UC San Diego, and serves as the detailed router in the OpenROAD project.

TritonRoute provides industry standard LEF/DEF interface with support of ISPD-2018 and ISPD-2019 contest-compatible route guide format.


TritonRoute is tested in 64-bit CentOS 6/7 environments with the following prerequisites:

  • A compatible C++ compiler supporting C++17 (GCC 7 and above)
  • Boost >= 1.68.0
  • Bison >= 3.0.4
  • zlib >= 1.2.7
  • CMake >= 3.1

To install TritonRoute:

$ git clone
$ cd TritonRoute 
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ make

To run TritonRoute:

$ ./TritonRoute -lef <LEF_FILE> -def <DEF_FILE> -guide <GUIDE_FILE> -output <OUTPUT_DEF>

Supported Technologies

  • CLN65LP (with limited selection of standard cells, macros and floorplans)
  • (TritonRoute is under a major improvement plan for a more robust and stable flow, with support of more standard cells, macros and floorplans in CLN65LP and other technology nodes. The next version is expected to deliver support of publicly accessible ISPD-2018 and ISPD-2019 testcases.)


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