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Important contacts you should know


Interactive news #interactive-news (our public channel)

Dev Email Title
Andrew Briz abriz News Apps Developer
Beatrice Jin bjin Graphics Reporter
Jon McClure jmcclure Interactive News Editor
Lily Mihalik lmihalik Editor for News Design

Contacts: Start with slack, emails are listed below

Digital Team #homepage

David Cohen, Sr. Digital Editor
Craig Howie, Sr. Digital Editor
Louis Nelson, Digital Editor
Emily Knapp, Digital Editor
Kristen East, Production Editor

Email: tp-webeditor

Digital Producers #webteam

Kamran Rahman
Lily Stephens
Quint Forgey
Christian Vasquez
Isabel Dobrin
Brent Griffiths

Email: tp-webteam

Engagement #engagement

Annie Z. Yu, Director of Engagement
Emily Goldberg, Engagement Editor
Chris Price, Social Video Fellow
Kristine Villanueva, Engagement Fellow

Email: tp-engagement

Copy editors

Reach the entire team at tp-copyeditors

  • Sushant Sagar, Editor, Copy Desk
  • Robyn Dixon, Copy Editor
  • Andy Goodwin, Copy editor

SEO and Analytics

  • Mitch Schuler, Director of Search and Analytics

Advertising tech

  • Walt Houseknecht, Director of Advertising Operations


  • Jason Shervinski, Manager of DevOps and Security
    • AWS credentials, permissions and service provisioning
  • Michael Roberts, Chief Architect

Front-end tech and design

  • Chris Buddie, Director of User Experience
    • Core site styles, fonts and static assets


Reach the entire team at with this list tp-helpdesk

  • Jennifer Plesniak, Help Desk Manager
    • Distribution email addresses, hardware peripherals, software licenses
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