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Votes. votes. votes. We got the votes.


  1. Install the app.
$ pip install politico-civic-vote
  1. Add the app to your Django project and configure settings.
    # ...

Bootstrapping your database

  1. Ensure PROPUBLICA_CONGRESS_API_KEY is exported into your environment. If you don't have an API key for the ProPublica Congress API, you can request one here.

  2. Bootstrap the database.

$ python bootstrap_vote


Running a development server

Move into the example directory, install dependencies and run the development server with pipenv.

$ cd example
$ pipenv install
$ pipenv run python runserver
Setting up a PostgreSQL database
  1. Run the make command to setup a fresh database.
$ make database
  1. Add a connection URL to example/.env.
  1. Run migrations from the example app.
$ cd example
$ pipenv run python migrate